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Reesespieces Posts: 145
I fell
Rainbowsend Posts: 224
Sorry to hear you fell :o( I heard a few days ago on the news thatif you clear your path and someone falls, your liable but then the very next day some minister was asking people to help out by clearing their paths and had promised they wouldn't be liable?! People are confused, although some people just couldn't give a sh!t! Our next door neighbours being one example! :o0 Hope you haven't broken anything !
pete10 Posts: 21
Went out walking this morning. The Paths are lethal , the worst they have been so far. I had to walk a lot on the road.
jobybeans Posts: 8
What's worse is the fools who are washing their cars in their driveways and creating a nice river of ice on the footpaths outside their houses. O:|
Reesespieces Posts: 145
daimpunkle Posts: 167
It's awful but some aul biddy fell outside my parents drive once and was going to sue, it was awful for my parents. It was John Gormley I think that said houseowners woudn't be held liable, it's common sense but you can see why people don't do it without that guarantee.