Wierd Cravings!

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newbaby2010 Posts: 247
Ladies, I am despairing at my wierd cravings! Im trying v hard to resist all, it has to be said. All I want to do is sniff firelighters, paint and petrol, I mean for gods sake! Im eating healthily, taking my vitamins and fish oils, walking and swimming and going to pregnancy yoga (basically trying my best for baby and me!) and now this happens! I can literally smell the firelighters from the front door when I walk in 'calling me', and have to get DH to bring them to work with him to stop me sniffing them ( cos it cant be good to sniff firelighters can it?!) Anyone else have strange cravings?
ticketyboo Posts: 625
yep, and my craving was definatly strange... :-8 i used to chew on wet sponges and to this day the thought of it still makes my mouth water. now i dont mean just a sponge i washed with or just any old sponge, it was sponges i bought and soaked in boiling water specifically for chewing. i used to get a jug of water and one of my sponges and sit in the sitting room dipping it in the water, sucking it all out and then chewing on the sponge. happy days :o0
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
new baby i was about to write a post about this!! i have been begging dh to bring in the spare tyre so i can sniff the rubber!! i had a sneaky sniff of fire lighters the other day and it helped the craving (my head kind of hurts when i need and cant get the smell). i walked past a bus station yday and the mechanics yard, i actually walked closer to it to get a smell!! ticketyboo that sponge sounds lovely, i can imagine sucking all the water out.. mmmmm! i never had this with dd!!
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Oh girls, that is mad! I haven't even any particular food cravings as yet. At least ye know the weird cravings are fairly normal for some people in pregnancy anyway and a few of ye are suffering{if that is the right word}.
MeSB Posts: 3785
ticketyboo Posts: 625
i know its a bit of a strange one but i'm sure there is someone with something even stranger than mine! :) i still do it every now and again with new sponges, well my mam had a craving for soil (yes the muck in your garden) when she was pregnant so i'm glad mine wasn't that extreme :o0
ruz12 Posts: 2
Your cravings are indeed weird but still acceptable. :) It is all part of the pregnancy process. After a few months you'll get over that craving. Just be sure to eat safe foods. Some pregnant ladies cannot avoid foods that are really bad for their health because of cravings. Take good care of your baby.
Luke Posts: 351
Mine is Cidona, it just love the taste of it for the last month or two :)) 26weeks 2day :o)ll