wierd pains

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flippersmrs Posts: 660
girls any of you expereince this or know what it could be? just a while ago i got a funny feeling in my tum, near my belly button region(on the left), i had just eaten and it started. it was like a little thud thud sensation. never felt this before now. it startled me tbh, like ooh thats wierd. not painful just discomfort, kinda fluttery. no idea what it is and im only 12 weeks so v v early to feel anythig related to babs, way too small at thsi point. sorry if im not making much sense. the again could be my over active imagination and just be related to what i ate!! :-8
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Flipppermiss I have expreienced this feeling, mine felt there was a butterfly in my belly :eek