Will I show at 16 weeks ?

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AndBabyMakes3 Posts: 112
Hi, My DH's brother is getting married at the end of september when i'll be 16 weeks. Problem is we dont want to tell any of his family till after the first scan which is 2 weeks before the wedding which is too soon to the big day to tell everyone as we dont want to steal the brides thunder. Do you think i'll get away with it or will I have a noticeable bump. I know every pregnancy is different. But i really dont want people to be talking when focus should be on DHs brother and his fiancee Cheers
boyne Posts: 204
I totally agree with you about not wanting to steal the brides thunder, gosh you so thoughful, as i don't know you, nor your height, weight etc, i am not dure plus i am old 5 weeks so best for those a bit longer to help you out there. just wanted to let you know i think you are very thoughtful
brideeee Posts: 1490
HI there, I'm almost 15 weeks and people are starting to notice me. I think it might depend on your height weight to begin with. I'm 5 ft 8 and I was 10 stone and of slim build before I got pg. I've since put on almost 8lb, only 2 pairs of old jeans fit me, all of my tops are getting too tight and esp when I sit down you can really notice my belly (I'm all proud so I am). BUt as previous poster said, everyone is different so you might get away with it but bear in mind that by 16 weeks baby will defo have pushed up and out of your uterus so he'll certainly be more visible HTH, all the best x brideeee
MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Hiya I went to a wedding when I was 16 weeks gone, I wore the dress that I bought even before I knew I was pregnant, it wasn't a tight fitting dress but it was good at disguising an initial bump. I wore really good knickers under the dress that came over my tummy, they didn't suck me in but kept everything in place if you know what I mean. HTH mrsjenni04
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Mmmh, tough one. I told my family at 15 weeks for the same reason, wanted to wait till after the scan. But three of my sisters and my Mum had all guessed at that stage, partly because of the weight I had put on. While I had no actual bump, I was definitely tubbier round the middle whereas I would always have had a 'waist' before. A lot will depend on your normal weight and build. Do you normally drink? Will this also give up the game for you? Would you even consider telling your mum-in-law if everything is ok at the scan, just in case she guesses (or even in case she already has - Mum's have a way of knowing these things!!) but ask her to keep it under wraps until after the wedding. That way she can help you hide it as well and throw anyone else off the scent if neccessary!!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
My bump did most of its growing in first few months. I've not got much bigger sibce around 20 weeks. Thats just me - I get very big, very fast. You could be lucky, but I'd say you'll have trouble hiding it.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
My friend is 16 weks at the moment and I have to say you would know she is pregnant. Now she is a very slim girl who has always had a flat tummy so the shape of her bump is very defined. If you are a little more curvy...like me :o0 ...you might get away with it.
2006wedding Posts: 965
I agree with the others its hard to say but also keep in mind that by 16 weeks you will probably look a bit bigger even if you dont have a defined bump. I am almost 14 weeks now but as i said in other posts my stomach gets very bloated and this is whats showing more so than a bump! Saying that if you buy something loose & comfortable to wear I am sure you will get away with it! You will know better closer to the time as the next few weeks your bump may or may not become more noticeable
Princess Aurora Posts: 115
As pervious posters said it depends on weight before hand!! my sister has just announced her good news and that she is 5months(thought she was only a couple of weeks, long story) and you wont even notice a bump (she was a size 16)!!!! i only notice it now she has told us!!! :o)ll Im sooooo excited im going to be an Aunt!!!! :o)ll
sinion Posts: 6050
hey there just to say, my cousin (who I'm very close to) told everyone a week before our wedding that she was pregnant, she told us early as she didn't want to steal our thunder on the day, but even if she had stood up in the middle of the ceremony and shouted it I wouldn't have cared, I was just so happy for her. as far as I'm concerned it's amazing news and I was more than happy to share my happy day with her happy news.