Will you be on time or late?

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Diddles25 Posts: 181
Both weddings i have been to in the last 6 months the brides have been on time, is this the new thing, what are you all planning on doing?
Leanne2112 Posts: 313
I plan on being on time but I'm sure I can manage to be late :)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I was on time. I promised DH I wouldn't be late and thought it was rude to keep everyone waiting! I really hate when a bride is more than about 15 minutes late, especially in a cold church with uncomfortable seats. The worst was a bride who was an hour late, even the priest looked annoyed with her. Plan your morning well and there's no reason to be late.
Bridester Posts: 920
I will be on time or a max 10 mins late - OH wants me to be on time. Thing is I KNOW that some of my friends WILL be late to the church but sure that's their problem I guess.
sarebear Posts: 275
I plan on being on time, sure by the time all the pics are taken outside i'm sure we will be a few minutes starting
highbeam Posts: 2578
I plan on being a tiny bit late. I plan to leave the house at 1 (time of wedding) house is literally a 2 minute drive from the Church so I should be there just after, a few pics outside and walking up the aisle by ten past! Worst late bride I experienced was 40 minutes late in October. Church was freezing, my feet were blue with the cold. Guests really did not like it and the priest looked really unimpressed. Then her entrance song went on for way longer than it took her to walk up the aisle, Id say she was standing at the top for 3 or 4 minutes while it finished and the priest looked like he just wanted to get on with it.
candlequeen Posts: 991
I'm going to try and not be early! Never been late a day in my life, Mum had it drilled into me from an early age - 'always leave early in case of emergencies'. It'll be all I can do to get to the church for 2pm as opposed to 1:45pm :o0
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I plan on being ontime - though may aim for ten mins late seeing as half the guests won't roll up till I'm due...
lindacork Posts: 174
[quote="CarolinaMoon":4csfz0cu]I plan on being ontime - though may aim for ten mins late seeing as half the guests won't roll up till I'm due...[/quote:4csfz0cu] we are gettings married in a church around 40mins away from my house, i know other guests will be late cause they wont be familiar with the area. I plan on being 10mins late. Was at a wedding where the bride was at the back of the church and there was guests passing her in as she was preparing to walk down the aisle.
AquariusGal Posts: 512
I'll be ten mins late MAX! and thats only to make sure everyone will be inside! I think that whole making him wait thing is really rude personally! Poor fella will be nervous enough!