Will you find out the sex of your baby if you can?

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Girls, Following on from Bubblybaby's thread I am interested to know who will find out the sex of their baby if it can be seen on the scan?? I think we will, can't stand the suspense!!! But we will try keep it to ourselves!!
sunflower1 Posts: 154
Yeah i'm definitely going to find out the sex, can't wait. That's if they can tell!!
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I think i would like to know - I have it in my head that it's a boy and after 3 m/c i've had some people say "oh maybe you can't carry girls" I have been taking that with a pinch of salt, I just want to be prepared. Obviously I couldn't care less but I have lots of clothes - if it is a boy so I won't buy that much. If we did find out I wouldn't be telling anyone as it take the excitement out of it, in my opinion.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Blondie_Chick...yes!!! We also found out on DS and it was such a great exciting day to find out..Just couldn´t wait anymore and wouldn´t have taken in the surprise during birth as I was just happy to hold a healthy baby I would have forgotten to ask if it´s a boy or a girl :o0 Also I found it very handy to know the gender regarding shopping and also on the name front.... So on my next scan we will try and find out again and we will also tell close family and/or anybody who asks or is interested. :wv
micksmrs Posts: 931
No we are not going to find out as I said to DH this is the one big surprise that we have left. There is no more Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause so this is the only one big thing left in our lives that will truely be a surprise for us and all the guessing in the world will still have us in suspense. I am adament that we are having a girl but until s/he arrives we wont know whether I am right or wrong! ETA: I couldn't keep it to myself if we knew and I think that would ruin the surprise for everyone.
tipperarygal Posts: 482
Part of me would like to find out but the other part of me would like the surprise. Then, 2 years ago my cousin was told she was having a boy and was all ready for one and a little girl came out. So, I would never truly trust the doctor if they told me and think I would be devastated initially if I was all prepared for a girl and a little boy came out.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
dh really wants to find out. i do too, am too impatient to wait!
Wolaholic Posts: 477
No way! I love the idea of having a surprise! DH is convinced it's a boy and everyone else is sure it's a girl. Can't wait to see him/her and find out!
serenity Posts: 3675
DH really wants to find out but I am easy.. He has said that ultimately it's my choice / decision so I think I am just going to play it by ear and see what happens.... I think on the day if the choice is there and they can determine the sex, I will probably be tempted to say - ah sure go on so!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
We didn't want to find out but the closer that we're getting the more I feel like finding out. If we're lucky enough to have #2 I think we'll definitely find out for practical reasons.