Window Blinds Cords

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Pumpernickle Posts: 206
Girls, Just heard a terrible story on the news this morning. A small child (didn't say what age) accidentially strangled himself on the cord from the window blind in his room. They said the mother & babysitter put him down for his nap and when they went to check on him later he was dead. Such a sad story.... but a lesson for us all :o(
kala Posts: 1937
its been a terrible week for us here down in cork. with the little boy who died in the creche and now this little boy- think he was 2 years old strangeled himself on the cord of the blind. thank God i have no blinds in my bedrooms only in my kitchen / dinning. i feel like pulling the things off my window right now. how am i going to go back to work and leave my ds with all this tradgedy happening so close to me.
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
We have blinds in every room in our house and I knew it was something we'd have to sort out when baby was a few months old but after hearing that story I'll have the cords well out of reach before baby is even born!!! I feel so sorry for the parents in both cases... what a nightmare... :o( :o(
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
They are such tragic stories. God love the families. I think ever home is such a minefield which we all try to make safe for baba but maybe we can never have them fully baby proofed.