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aurora Posts: 1629
hi ladies, does anyone have recommendations for window locks/restrictors. ds isn't much of a climber as yet but in one of our bedrooms the bed is up next to the windows so want to make sure these windows in particular are restricted from opening very much in the future. saw a safetots jacloc one on amazon but it'd be pricey to fit to all the windows. might opt for it for the two most accessible windows. thanks aurora
rop Posts: 1453
would be interested in this too. We have locks on the downstairs windows but the 2 front rooms upstairs have nothing :eek was thinking of something like this ... ts_id=1577
momof3 Posts: 510
Didn't know there was such a thing. My dd (3) opened her upstairs bedroom window last week by using her built in drawers as steps to climb onto window sill, thank god she slipped off the window sill onto her bedroom floor which I heard and ran. Straight away I just locked them with a key. Not worth thinking about if ure child becomes a climber.
MrsTroy Posts: 195
We had to get one of our windows fixed by a local repair guy and we asked him to fit window restrictors (spring loaded restrictors) while he was there. He charged €5 for supply and fit for each window. Might be worth trying that route if you have a few of windows to do?
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i got them in ikea and we got a handyman from a company online to fit them, along with straps on the flatscreen TV, drawer catchers and loads of other jobs i needed done around the house.
aurora Posts: 1629
thanks girls. have to press button and then twist handles on our windows but would still like a lock just in case he starts climbing and also figures out how to open them. might be a good while away but would be good to have it all set up while I think of it.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I was only just saying this to DH that we needed some of these for our upstairs window. Must pop out to Ikea & get some. Thanks !