Window sill decor - All ideas welcome!

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hulkess Posts: 61
Hello everyone, We are having as humanist ceremony at the hotel and the room where its taking place has 7 window sills in it that we need to decorate. I have bought some small lanterns in ikea. I am collecting jam jars to decorate and also use for candles or maybe flowers but i feel like i need something more. Maybe something bigger on a couple of the sills to attract the eye?? I'm having a mental block with my creativity so i said id throw it out there and ask for some ideas! Thanks ladies. :wv
lynchswife Posts: 81
What about photo frames of some milestones in your relationship? or just photos that are important to you? If your windows run parallel to your ailse, it could almost be like you are following your memories up the ailse.. :) You could paint the frames to keep with your colour scheme or buy ones that match the ikea lanterns?