Wine or champagne for drinks reception with canapes

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veeinoz Posts: 146
It really is a budget question. But do you think people would mind having white wine rather than champagne with the canapes at the drinks reception?
stompy9 Posts: 227
Not at all, they'll be grateful that you're providing them with a drink! (or at least they should be)
Capetown Posts: 976
Is it sparkling white wine/ Cava or the normal stuff?
stompy9 Posts: 227
Veeinoz you're my twin!!! Where are you getting married?
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Yum a lovely well chilled white wine is so hard to beat, plus I have noticed a few people on here and a few who I know that don't like champagne. I personally just love well chilled chardonay.
veeinoz Posts: 146
I am guessing from the prices the hotel are quoting that it is regular white wine versus sparkling white wine / Cava
CaliMom Posts: 670
If you're asking which I would personally prefer I would honestly say champagne, but having said that I love white wine & would never refuse a glass... tbh I don't think the guests will even care, they'll be too happy enjoying themselves with the free wine & good chats... go with what you want on the day =)
veeinoz Posts: 146
hi stompy, geting married in crover house in cavan. finishing up work on 10th may and flying to ireland on 11th. what about you?
Roxanne Posts: 3201
If you go with wine rather than champagne, why not have a choice of red or white? Most of the people I know who drink wine prefer red, and it won't cost anymore to do 50/50 red and white. But if you can get a Cava or other cheap-ish bubbly, I think you should go for that... it probably won't cost much more than regular wine, and it's very celebratory! Don't forget you'll get more glasses out of a bottle of bubbly than a bottle of wine, so it goes further too...
veeinoz Posts: 146
as we are providing wine with the meal 60% white 40% red, i was thinking of doing the same for the drinks reception. how would it be if i just provide all guests with one glass of bubbly and after that a choice of white / red wine / minerals / tea / coffee.