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helen2me Posts: 32
Hi, Can anyone give me a the names of a couple of places to go to get wine at a good price? I live in Bray Co.Wicklow but i will travel. I am getting married on 13th Sept and totally forgot about the wine! Please help!!! Thanks
Ficidy Posts: 1753
I think I heard that Oddbins do a good deal and take back the wine you don't use, but I could've completely dreamt that!! Maybe check it out. We're going up North to get ours, but you probably wouldn't have time to do that...
bruna Posts: 133
Dont panic, O:| O:| O:| We spent ages looking for our wine and nearly went off our heads...... We looked in lidls, aldis and a load of off licences and pubs...... In the end we got the best deal in Tesco...... The guy was really helpful....... We got Hardy's Stamp Red and White... O-O O-O O-O .. It is usually 9.95 and we got it when they had a 30% off all wines and got them for 6.50......... It is lovely and a taste that everyone would like cause its not over powering..... :hic Others that are nice are McGuigan Black Label, Rosemont, Wolf Blass.... A Semillion Chardonnay is safe for a white wine and a shiraz for a red..... The supermarkets always havw offers and you can have a grand excuse to have a tasting night...... :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Best of luck with it cause you can always get it off the hotel if you are stuck and there house wines are always nice...... :hic :hic
helen2me Posts: 32
Hi, Thanks for the replies. I am going to try tesco and other supermarkets tommorrow. We were thinking of taking a trip up the north at the weekend for wine - where would we go, and what wine would be the best to get to suit most people? Thanks again :wv