Wine themed wedding

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Maisze Posts: 3
Given myself and H2B are massive wine drinker, would like to incorporate that into the wedding theme but have no ideas how to :-8 . Any ideas wud be greatly appreciated :wv
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
You could name your tables are different wines eg shiraz, claret, chardonney If you are going to do favors perhaps you could do wine bottle stoppers?
monkeybear Posts: 1926
You could go use grape as a big part of your theme, on invitations, wedding cake, berry coloured BM dresses [img:vl4rdr5b][/img:vl4rdr5b] also wine stoppers would be a great choice if you went for favours [img:vl4rdr5b][/img:vl4rdr5b] [img:vl4rdr5b][/img:vl4rdr5b][img:vl4rdr5b][/img:vl4rdr5b] Instead of having flowers on the tables you could get old wine bottles and a put candle in the neck and let the wax drip down it, the candle could match your colour theme [img:vl4rdr5b][/img:vl4rdr5b]
buds and berries Posts: 565
Book the wineport hotel, the rooms are named after wines and well know champagnes. We stayed in the bollinger suite before and the room was great, large magnums of champagne dotted around the room to tempt you. Even in the bathroom. You could then call the tables after various wine regions and have beautiful centrepieces made from grapes and flowers to really set off the theme. There are lots of things you could do when you start to think about it isnt there. ummm i'll keep thinking for you. Felicity.