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Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
Hi Girls Just wondering could anyone help me with this query. I have been looking at Wineport Lodge on the net and it looks fabolous but I'm just a bit confused as to whether they have a function room? or do you sit and eat in the restaurant and if so where would you have the music and dancing afterwards. Sorry! maybe I am being a bit blonde but the website has be a ickle confused. Thanks for your help in advance
cookies_gal Posts: 450
Hey Ditzy - I've booked the Wineport. The reception is in the restaurant - when you book it, the entire venue is exclusively yours. There is a space for the band / cake. After meal the tables are moved back for dancing. There is also a separate bar 1 min from main room. It's FAB can't recommend enough! :o)ll
Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
Thanks Cookies gal Its looking amazing so i will definiely be taking a trip to view it.
Jenman Posts: 7
Hey girls! Thanks for the link to your photos Billygate. You looked fab and were so lucky with the weather! I was totally freaking out about booking all the rooms at the beginning cos they were so expensive and as our wedding is Friday, we had to book out the hotel for the 2 nights. We have decided to pay for the bbq the next day ourselves, which takes 40 quid off the price for our guests. We've only 3 rooms left to fill and still have to hear from a few guests who are coming from the US, so i'd say we'll just about make it. It's a bit much in the present climate to expect people to stay both nights, but you'll find that it will fill up. Lots of our friends would have loved to stay 2 nights, but can't cos of kids etc and others who would've definitely stayed last year can't now cos of the recession - so it's a funny one. We're telling the band to come for around 10pm or so to set up etc and to play from 11-1am and then DJ from 1-3am. We're having bubbly and canapes before the meal and sambos etc at midnight or so. I don't have a theme! Should I have one??? I haven' a clue what to call my tableseither! This time 6 weeks I'll be thinking about getting married in the morning!! It's cool to be able to share this online with all you girls in the same boat. I try not to bore my colleagues with the details!! Talk to you later! :wv