Winter bridal bouquets ideas

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Lizy09 Posts: 482
Hey everyone, looking some advise on where i can find pictures of winter bridal bouquets online. Or if anyone is willing to share ideas posting pics? I just can't picture what i see myself walking down the aisle with!! O:|
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
I haven't spoken to any florist yet so not sure what kind of bouquet I can get at that time of year. I'd love something small and simple like the below pic. I'm not into the long trailing flowers and don't want to be carrying something heavy or too big in my hand. I'm not fussy at all am I? :o0 They'll love to hear me coming :-8
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
You could google what's going to be in season for the month you're getting married. Roses are always in season anyway TBH so you're grand if you'd be happy with roses. You could also go for silk flowers. I know some people are a bit funny about "fake" flowers but I don't mean the 'visiting a dentist little posy in the waiting room' type of fake, I mean fake flowers that even the bees don't know until they're looking for the pollen! Or, and this is a bit of an odder one, have you considered buttons, brooches, or maybe even lanterns? (see pics) The cool thing about any of these is that they won't die after the big day, you'll have them forever, and the brooches could even be split up years down the line and given to the younger generations as heirloom pieces. Hope these help with some inspiration! (sorry, don't really know how to resize them :-8 ) Buttons & beads [img:39gjeb58][/img:39gjeb58] Brooches [img:39gjeb58][/img:39gjeb58] Lantern [img:39gjeb58]*SWnmr2nGn**iejaDxK5P7NxnwpMp6KrCY9LnFvE1FRh0k-Xn0YHKA4DBBBORn/amazonblckcutoutlantern.jpg[/img:39gjeb58] Fur muffs for winter! [img:39gjeb58][/img:39gjeb58]
winterbride 09 Posts: 93
Hi Lizy09, I bought a crystal bouquet for my winter wedding but I didn't use it as it clashed with my dress which was an ivory/pink colour. If you PM me your email I'll send you a pic to see if your interested in it. Winterbride 09