Winter Sun hol..last min panic, lots of questions!

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fleurJuly2011 Posts: 103
Really looking forward to a week in sun with DH & baby but bit daunted about travelling with babs. Wrong time of year to be looking for summer clothes but can't find anything for baby, especially UVsuit. Have tried Mothercare, Heatons etc but no luck. Too late to order online as we're going this w/e :duh: Also Travel agent said Ryanair take buggies for free but should be the small fold up ones. Ours has a seat & base, so 2 parts. Just found this out today so do I need to buy light buggy now? Has anybody used Avent disposable bottles while away? Am sure there's lots I haven't even thought about yet, not to mention what I'm going to wear myself...none of my Summer clothes fit since having dd :weep
Mrs W Posts: 2923
My brother went away with his 3 month old baby and they just bought a mclaren stroller. Get one that lies back fully and then baba can sleep in it during the day or if your out in the evening. Not sure of the exact one they got but the shop said it was suitable for him, they'd need a stroller eventually and I wouldn't like the airline to be throwing my expensive travel system about in a plane either. I'm fairly sure it's only one piece you're allowed too. Contact the hotel or apartments and request a microwave? Then u could bring a microwave steriliser? Make sure you bring enough formula too, my brother didn't and had to buy a similar one out there, it was fine but they're an awful lot more laid back than most people! Have a great time you lucky duck!!
happilywed Posts: 638
havent done it myself but know some people who have gone away with a wee one and there tips were to use steriliser bags (can get them in boots/mothercare and they last for 24hrs that way you can bring your normal bottles ! and they literally just look like freezer bags so little carrying get a cheapie stroller argos have a baby event on atm you will use it eventually and at least you dont have to worry about them ruining your expensive one pack plenty of formula get details for the nearest pharmacy before going as more than likely you will need something pack calpol :-) can help with the clothes sorry have a great time (its stressful getting there but will be a lovely trip once you are there xx)
bearo Posts: 140
Oh id love a holiday right now ! Id say Get yourself a stroller, as others have said you don't want your travel system getting thrown around or go missing... We have taken our daughter away many times since she was 4 months. I remember for the first trip of a week I brought a full tub of aptimal and a pile of the ready to use cartons . The cartons are great for the plane and travelling as they are sterile so just open and pop into bottle as you need them. As far as sterilising bottles, good old fashioned Milton ! You can get tablets so easy to pop into case and we used the spare sink in apartment , filled with water and tablet good for 12 or 24 hrs ( cant remember which)so just take bottles out as you need them. It what our parents all used and it works fine . Baba didn't seem bothered by the Milton taste either ! Agree with other poster bring bottle calpol , thermomator , spare dodis if you use... Pack some nappies but don't worry if your tight on space almost all resorts have the pampers equivalent and if not whatever nappies they have will do fine ! As for water if your using powder formula some of the bottled water is high in salt so try and look for the baby symbol on the bottle which indicates low salt, can't for the life of me remember the brand name but most Spanish/ Canary Islands have it .... Have a great time !
bearo Posts: 140
Oh yes uv suit try TK Maxx I have got some nice brands there before and you could get lucky in campion sports although maybe not for such a small size...
CherylC Posts: 1071
You can bring the 2 part buggies on Ryanair if you want to. We've flown with them 3 times and done it with no problem, and I know friends have too. They rules do say 1 part, but they don't mind two part buggies either. We decided we want to have the nice buggy for DD to sleep in so we brought our iCandy. We also used the microwave steriliser bags, or milton tablets are also supposed to be good. The journey was much better than I thought it would be - bring plenty of food and drinks for LO (there's no restrictions on what you bring through security). Ryanair are sometimes fairly strict on the one bag per person carry on (excluding LO who has no allowance) so just be prepared for that. Regarding clothes I can't think of where else to try - maybe there would be a shop at the airport? Otherwise hopefully somewhere when you get there.
fleurJuly2011 Posts: 103
Thanks very much for the replies, great tips & advice..really appreciate it :-)
annie77 Posts: 484
Try next for a UV suit, got our DD one there last year - it's wasn't a full suit but covered her down to her elbow and knees. We bought a McLauren quest for going abroad and found it brilliant - I use it all the time now when we go shopping, so handy to have in the boot. We also got a UV shade for the buggy, fantastic thing. Got it on amazon but I'm sure it can be bought in shops here. [url] [/url]