Winter wedding or not?

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Mrs2014 Posts: 151
Sorry I'm asking loads of questions on here, but you wollies are so helpful! We were thinking of a Feb wedding, we have an anniversary then, and also some packages are a lot cheaper, and we wanted to avoid the disappointment of it not being sunny - because we wouldn't expect it to be.. Then I see photos of venues with sunny backgrounds, and drinks on the lawn or rooftop terrace, and even if it was bright outside, no one would want to be outside in february!! Now i'm totally rethinking the winter wedding thing. Would really appreciate some opinions on getting around the irish weather issues and winter/summer weddings, thanks! :wv
StellaBella Posts: 432
Just to give you an idea, our original wedding was booked for the 26th Feb 2011, and i know on that day in 2010 and in 2011, it was the most beautiful sunny day... so we are sticking with this time of year again, as you have just as much chance of a beautiful day in Feb or March, as you do in June/July/August. There is definitely better packages available for off peak weddings. We are getting a fantastic deal from the hotel for a off peak wedding!!
Mrs2014 Posts: 151
Thanks Stellebella, some hotels seem to be doing great deals, but the venue we're looking at has the same prices year round as far as I can tell. I'd just like to be able to use the outside parts, but people will be too cold. And then if it snows and airports close, half of our guests might not make it! But as you say, you can't guarantee the weather during the summer either (bar the snow!)
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I think February is a great month. Even though it's cold it's generally bright when the sun is out. I am a firm believer that you cannot plan an irish wedding around the weather!!! I love winter weddings when done properly, the right dresses, decor, photo location etc. You have plenty of time to plan and there have been some gorgeous winter weddings on here which will give inspiration. Having said all that if you were having it in late February you are almost in Spring and people love to talk of spring coming etc etc so you could have a bright crisp spring theme.
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
We're getting married on 2nd March had originally planned April but was so much more expensive! Worked out well getting married in Ballymagarvey Village no way could we have afforded same to get married there otherwise- we got winter deal. Just get somewhere thats cosy has open fires etc. you can't plan around irish weather at best of times never mind when it matters. My mum was trying to get us to move date before Xmas so would be proper winter Bmv has so many fires hoping it's sunny but a bit nippy great photos and so cosy inside! Think of the money you have saved! difference is paying for our honeymoon! :)
mrsbrowne2be Posts: 71
i totally agree with all the other posters. you cannot guarantee the weather in the summer, so why pay over the odds for the summer wedding. we are going for a feb 2014 wedding, we'd prefer march as it seems to be the better month weather-wise but we're going for the last weekend in feb as we get 25% off the package for a sat wedding in FEB!!! also you'll get lovely spring flowers around that time and im planning on bms wearing faux fur shrugs so embrace the cold weather, buy a white umbrella for photos, even a pair of wellies! and benefit from the savings - just think it's prob another week on your hm for the sake of a couple of months difference! :)
flor Posts: 1621
hi mrs2014, as others have already said, you can't really plan a wedding in Ireland going by the weather alone.... could be the middle of summer and a washout, or the middle of winter with a beautiful sunny day! every season has its advantages and disadvantages, it's just a matter of which one you prefer (regardless of what others might think) and what suits your pocket! in spring time, you can go with a lovely fresh theme & you have all the beautiful spring flowers in season like tulips, narcissi, cherry or apple blossom and lily of the valley - google has loads of ideas! for bridesmaids you can go with colours like lemon yellow or bright green, or nautical with navy & white... lots of advantages to a spring wedding ;-)
cupcak Posts: 125
You could have a daffodil themed wedding - a friend of mine had that and it looked amazing in photos, she even had yellow shoes!!
flomeo Posts: 249
Agreeing with what the others are saying about not planning an Irish wedding around weather, Summers have been so crap BUT you are being sensible thinking of weather and possible traffic or airport restrictions. I had 4 weddings in December 2009 and 4 in December 2010 and they were really difficult. Couldnt get to 2 and more than 50 guests pulled out of one of those. Photographer couldnt get to one (best man hired a jeep and drove to get her) and 4 guests had car accidents getting to another one (they got married in the middle of nowhere down back roads in December, I personally think thats stupidity) Winter weddings are beautiful, they really are and some of the best photos defo are in Winter but people have to be practical as well and think of safety! I think you'll be fine in Feb really though, you're at the good end of it!
teapotty Posts: 2085
I wouldn't really consider Feb winter,I know the weather can be snowy and icey I'm Feb but it's never as bad as Dec and Jan. I'd say go for it! I was at a Feb wedding this year and the weather was gorgeous,people were outside at 10 pm enjoying hthe fresh air and it was very mild.