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anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Being a 36D, I normally wear underwire bras, but I've read that you should not wear them when pregnant as they may cause mastitis :eek One friend has said to ignore this, but TBH I've had some discomfort with the underwire already, considering I've grown to at least a DD cup in the last few weeks (but maybe that's because I'm still shoving them into a D cup!) Need to go bra-shopping this wknd - any thoughts gals???
madmam Posts: 1294
Non wire bras are more comfy when preggers (Used to work in a lingerie shop where I fitted preg women). I am a 36dd usually and growing even though I am only 6 weeks gone. I wear a sports bra in bed which helps a lot (did this even when I wasn't preggers). The risk of mastitis goes up the further along you are, but you can get away with wearing wire bras for a few hours at a time (they do give better shape than non wire ones). HTH
mammybean Posts: 10364
i have heard you shouldnt wear underwire but i thought that it was only if you were intending on breastfeeding. i am open to correction. i wouldnt get away without underwire
madmam Posts: 1294
Also, if you get fitted properly, the girl fitting you should try to get you into a bra a bit too big on the back for you (so it fits correctly on the tightest setting), so that when you expand you can let it out as and when required (this saves you running to get a new bra every month!)
grumpy Posts: 1280
Apparently you can wear underwired, but you may end up buying new ones far more frequently as you need to be absolutely certain they fit correctly (you get a little more leeway with non-wired). I'd say it might be a little more difficult to find someone who will fit you for underwired, as any time I've gone to be measured, they've all said they can only show me the ugly non-wired ones :o0 (mind you, I'm OK with that, so didn't argue the point).
Ducky Posts: 2506
My favourite rant topic. I have tried to find a non-wired one that a) fits, b) gives me some shape and c) has no seam as my nips are leaking and soresince 18 weeks. Impossible. So, I wear a regular moulded underwire bra by day with breast pads in for leakage and a maternity nursing bra by Noppies at night, which is sooooo somfy. Bugger the wire rule, my 38DDs need support or they just flail about on bump looking miserable!! :o0
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Thanks a mill for all the tips girls - I think maybe one of each in a larger size (with enuf expansion room) is the way to go, for now. Either way, I have to get these puppies under control, and soon - bad "overspill" at the mo, which looks like I have 4 boobs :-8 Hate da'
bellabella Posts: 2750
I've read you should wear a bra at night time? Is this true and why?
mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hi like you ladies I have to wear and underwire bra for support and shape. I wear my bra all day and even to bed have done for the past few years because I got bad stretch marks on them and I said I would try wearing a bra to bed and after a couple of months the stretch marks started to dissapear. Now when I take off my bra my boobs are sore because of no support. Bella I think it has to do with because your boobs grow during pregnancy to help with support and stretchmarks they sugges you wear a bra to bed x
bellabella Posts: 2750
Thanks sugar