Wisdom teeth...ouch!!

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ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Just wondering who has had their 4 wisdom teeth out together. I was told yesterday by my dentist I would have to get them removed by general anesthesic and have an overnight stay in hospital....dreading it!!! O:| O:| How painful are you afterwards? I was told I would need to take a week off work. ;o( ;o(
marles Posts: 1397
I had three out nearly 5 years ago,one was impacted so it was total hell,They had been causing pain and discomfort for nearly 4 years.The surgery was a relief,I had no brusing or any marks,I lost quite a bit of blood shortly after coming home as the area around the impacted tooth required a lot of work.But the blood loss was easily managed.I didn't take enough time off work to recover properly.You really need to rest up afterwards.All I could eat for the first couple of weeks was scrambled eggs with grated cheese for extra protein,I drank lots of water. The pain after the surgery is nothing compared to the pain of the actual teeth.I would say even a little more than a week,I had my surgery on Thursday and was back to work the next Thursday but I was wrecked this could be due to the impacted tooth.
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Thanks Marles, it sounds quite traumatic, but the pain from them is so bad right now, surgery has to be a better option!! I have an impacted tooth too, so no doubt it wont be straight foward! I am just so sick of taking penicillin and painkillers at this stage. Would you mind me asking if health insurance covered the procedure for you?
marles Posts: 1397
It was the only surgery I have ever had so it was tough enough,BUT the relief was the most amazing thing ever!My Vhi covered everything,I didn't stay over night,I had the surgery under general anaesthetic,in the early morning and I was out by end of day. I would say rest up afterwards and take it day by day.there are a few threads on wisdom teeth in off topic. Feel free to ask any other questions,also if they tell you to do something do it,take the pain killers regularly!
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Thanks Marles, i know my VHI will cover it if it is a day procedure, but I will be kept overnight, so will check it out!! Thanks again for your advise. I also have an eye infection ....why does everything come together at once!!! O:| O:| ...I think I am falling apart at the seams!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
macsmissus Posts: 928
Hi buskers, i just had my 4 taken out at the end of last month. Went to James Hosp to private consultant to get it done (covered by Quinn). i got local anaesthetic & sedation so I was awake for the whole thing but thought everything was great craic :o0 Took 45 mins for him to take 4 out. I needed my hubby with me as you can't drive for 24 hours after the sedation. Before I got mine out, the consultant recommended to take Kin mouthwash for a week before surgery, and an hour before I had to take Ibuprofen, Paracetamol & start a course of antibiotics he had prescribed. I felt fine straight afterwards - had to sleep propped up on pillows. The next morning I woke up felt like I had beaten up, face was very swollen. Make sure and finish course of antibiotics so you don't get any infections, keep taking the painkillers for about 5 days afterwards and use an ice pack on your face to take down the swelling. I had to wait 48 hours to use warm water & salt and I did take twice a day for a week. Got them out on the Wed and was back to work the following Tuesday. The swelling didn't go down fully for about 2 weeks. But it's so worth it to know they wont ever bug you again!!
missymoomooo Posts: 639
i had 3 out before. I went to Northbrook clinic in Dublin and i was put under for it. Think your only actually asleep for about an hour but was really groggy when i woke up. You get a doctors note for the week off and i fully advise you use it, i was very sleepy for a good two days after plus feeling very sorry for myself with my big swollen head! Was able to manage pasta and soft foods about 4 days later. Pain after is not too bad once you keep taking the pain killers and have tramil on standby as i did wake up a couple of nights with it aching a bit. Best thing to just have them out tho because they can be pushing your other teeth out of place and causing other teeth to move. Lots of luck with it!! It's really not that bad so don't even be fretting! :xxx
lux Posts: 6270
I have very deep roots and was told by my dentist up north that I'd need to go to a dental surgeon (in Newry that he recommended) to have a local anasthetic as I'm allergic to a lot of the one's regular dentists use. I heard all these horror stories and I had a terrible experience getting four teeth out as a teenager so I was prepared for the worst. But it was a breeze!!! Drip went in, tooth out in no time (even though she commented on my crazy deep roots, they are twice as long as normal :ooh ) and mum drove me home. I slept the whole way home and was even able to have dinner (spal bol without the spag :o0 ) that night. Slept like a log, one day off work and ibuprofen, not a bother on me after a few days. Maybe I was lucky, can PM details of dentist-PS all in it was about £100 from what I remember, bargain compared to having it done in a hospital here!
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Definitely have the operation Buskers! I had all 4 out under general anesthetic back in February, I was terrified going in (have never been in hospital or seriously ill ever, thank God, so it was all alien to me). But it was so worth it. The two bottom ones were impacted and causing me awful problems and pain. The op itself goes very quickly, I was in first thing in the morning and woke up at about 10. They kept me in for the afternoon (just the standard proceedure of the clinic, it was my first anesthetic and they wanted to make sure I'd be steady on my feet leaving). OH came and got me (with a giant bouquet of flowers, the little pet) and I have to say I was very woozy for the next 24 hours. I had buckets of pain medication, so I really didn't suffer during the recovery. Just keep taking te doses at the right time, eat ice-cream and sleep as much as you need to. I was WIPED OUT though, definitely get your doctor to write you off for the full week. My surgeon advised me to have the op on a Friday, to give myself the maximum recovery time. The swelling was hilarious for the first two days (OH was calling me Bubble Girl) but it went down really quickly - as in, I had the operation on Friday, by Tuesday my face was almost back to its normal size. I had no bruising or bleeding (OK, a tiny bit the first night, but nothing at all serious). I did get a troat infection afterwards, but it was unrelated according to my doctor. (I was working flat out for a few months beforehand, prob a bit too run down :-8 ) Since then - no pain! No yucky oozy stuff from my back jaw (TMI?)! No headaches! And my cheekbones are definitely more defined - fringe beauty benefit!! Do it do it do it.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I had 3 out under a local anaesthetic and sedation. Felt absolutely nothing of the procedure, and was home an hour or so later. Got them out on the Thursday, and was fine for work on the Monday. I was really lucky, I had no bleeding, swelling or bruising. Was a bit sore for a few days, but painkillers and antibiotic really helped. Also, make sure you have a soft toothbrush- I got a baby one- to clean your gums afterwards (when you feel up to it of course!), get Corsodyl mouthwash for keeping the area disinfected, and have plenty of yoghurts/soups in, as those antibiotics make your tummy ill if you haven't eaten. From reading other people's experiences, I know I was really lucky, but I definitely think it's worth getting done. :thnk