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Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
My dentist has constantly warned me that i will have to get my wisdom teeth taken out at some stage and might as well do it sooner than later when i have an infection. well now my jaw is really swollen and my gum around one of my wisdom teeth is sooooooooo sore. I'm really scared to go and have them taken out because i have to have all 4 taken. It must hurt like hell. Has anyone had theirs out???
booboo Posts: 622
I have had all four out....Got them out in Beaumount.. Wasn't in pain afterwards..just discomfort..Looked dreadful..my face was all bruised and swollen.... Lost a stone in a week cos I couldnt eat anything but jelly and ice cream.... You will be fine...
mia Posts: 963
I got mine out and was on normal food within 24 hours, very little pain or bruising. Got mine out in the Northbrook Clinic, in and out same day. One thing to be careful about if you're claiming some money back on your health insurance...get your dentist to say that this is a new problem. The forms ask when the problem first arose and if it was before you had health insurance there's a 5 year pre-existing condition ban so you could get caught for the whole lot.
muireann Posts: 185
I had mine done in Northbrook as well. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, and I did feel very sorry for myself for a few days (I'm the worst patient ever)!!!! But I was so glad I'd had it done. Infections are horrible and I was getting them every few months - at least you know that the operation will be a once off and then it'll all be over.
booboo Posts: 622
Forgot to say my teeth were totally impacted..They were all beneath the gum..that makes it harder...There must have been a lot of pulling and tugging to get them out....Maybe thats why my recovery was slower.... It was a full six weeks before I oculd open my mouth wide and bite into a crunchy white roll....
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
oh booboo your experience sounds very bad. I know my friend got it done and was grand that evening. Did ye get put asleep for it or did ye just get numbed on the gum.
*gone* Posts: 4785
[quote:2fzkx04f] Did ye get put asleep for it or did ye just get numbed on the gum.[/quote:2fzkx04f] My best friend had 3 pulled at once (were meant to pull all four but couldn't get at the last one) and they put her under general anaesthetic. She had a lot of bruising & swelling on one side (where they pulled two) but she bruises very easily anyway. She also got dry-socket infection so be careful afterwards and make sure to rinse out every time you eat to help prevent bits of food getting lodged in the wound.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
It's not a "nice" procedure, but I couldn't recommend enough getting it done. I had impacted teeth too (the bottom two wisdom teeth were growing against the normal teeth and causing the front of my bottom teeth to cross over). I had all four out at once at the Dublin Dental Hospital (local anaesthetic - day surgery) on a Monday and took the rest of the week off work. It was sore for the first couple of days, but much more bearable that having an infection! I didn't get dry socket as I got Corsodyl mouthwash (good and strong and will kill nasty things in the mouth when you can't brush your teeth properly). The only bad experience I had was the removal of the stitches a couple of days later, which (done by a dental student) hurt like hell and was given no pain relief for. Not even a couple of paracetamol! It could well be different elsewhere. It felt strange for a while not to have the teeth there, but you get used to it. Anyway, it's better to lose four "useless" teeth than two "good" ones! Let us know how you get on. x
booboo Posts: 622
My experience wasn't bad at all...I was put under GA alrite I didnt have pain afterwards..it was more discomfort and I looked like I had been beaten up!! All in all it wasn't a bad experience