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Charli09 Posts: 235
I purchased an ivory lace bolero jacket from eBay, however, I cannot remove the creases from the fabric. I've tried gentle washing, drip dry and a gentle iron and still the creases won't budge O:| Any suggestions for a wrinkle free wedding day would be very much appreciated!!!!!
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
steaming it might help? or you could bring it to a dry cleaners and see if they can have a look at it?
Charli09 Posts: 235
Trying to avoid dry cleaners in case they shrink it!!!!! No amount of ironing or steaming will remove the creases. Completely at a loss as to what to do with it O:|
mkb Posts: 1744
Have you tried Ironing it while it is still wet. You'll need to put a clean pillow case or tea towl over it to be safe it but that general works for me with alot of linen clothes. it might work on the lace.
Charli09 Posts: 235
I bought a cloth from John Lewis which is specifically for velvet or delicate material which you dampen and then lay over the garment whilst you iron but the wrinkles don't budge. Wish I'd never bought the bolero now!!!!!