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LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
Hi All, Just wondering what everyone wishes for in 2011? *) For me it would be a BFP(a sticky) *) that DH finds a new job when he is made redundant in February *) That my job stays secure *) My family are all healthy
Sprocket Posts: 1671
*) My family stay healthy *) My friends and family survive the cuts and hard times without too much stress and tears *) I get to bring my dog to London to stay (finally) *) My wedding goes off without any major dramas
LastRolo Posts: 6892
*) Family & friends are all healthy *) That both our jobs stay secure *) That we TTC at the end of 2011 *) Family fall out mended
soulful Posts: 1697
*) that my Dad gets all the cancer removed from his prostate successfully in January and he is fighting fit again. *) that my brother escapes a jail term and stays off the drugs and turns his life around to be the guy I know he can and wants to be *) that my husband finds work again *) that my 2 children are happy and healthy *) that we get some good news instead of always bad *) that my sister realises she can't go around sending us those awful nasty texts when she is frustrated with her own life and takes it out on the rest of us *) that I complete my make-up artist course and get a bit of work out of it *) that all my family and friends and everyone I know are happy and healthy
zoesmama Posts: 2774
*) That my Dad gets some relief from the terrible pain he is in and that this new Pain Consultant will be worth the money *) That my friends' little very premature baby survives and goes on to be healthy, happy and strong *) That I find a job again *) That the kids and DH & I stay healthy *) That with all the cuts we manage to keep paying the Mortgage and keep our heads above water and maybe afford a little treat from time to time
luckyladee Posts: 2550
*) that all of those close to us remain happy and healthy *) that when I have to quit my job at the end of March that we will survive financially and that H2Bs job remains secure *) that our wedding goes all well and that everybody has a lovely day *) that we get a half decent crowd into government and that this mess begins to get sorted.
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
*) That my family and friends stay healthy (especialy my Mam and Dad) *) That my wedding goes smoothly and everyone enjoys it *) That my OH comes home from working abroad *) THat I win the lotto!!!!!!!!!! :compress
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
*) That my Dad stays healthy & cancer free for a 2nd yr *) My Mum stays healthy & take time out for herself *) The rest of my family & h2b's are happy & healthy *) That my h2b's moves to my part of country & he gets a job without hassle *) I hope that i still have my job without further cuts *) We get savings sorted for our 2012 wedding, while paying the bills & keeping heads above water *) that I [u:gd9w0pn1]FINALLY[/u:gd9w0pn1] get my bling...secretly engaged & planning away ourselves, h2b is paying off the bling, but I CAN'T WAIT to have it on my finger YAY!!!!! *) I hope that h2b's little sister, who thinks that the world revolves around her, cops on & stops behaving like a spoilt toddler when shes infact 21 :eek and realises her mother doesn't have t do everything for her. (that's a whole other new topic WOLS) *) A lucky lotto ticket wouldn't be turned down :innocent:
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
*) Most importantly that H2B's BIL can come out of the coma and become healthy again *) For myself and H2B to enjoy the start of married life together *) For all family and friends to be healthy and safe *) The healthy birth of all my friends babies *) Would love to start planning for a baby of our own some time in 2011 *) For FSIL's wedding to be exactly how should would want on the day
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
In no particular order - *) Our frustrating 4yr journey of TCC will be over *) Mum & Dad (and rest of family of course) stay happy and healthy *) My brother and SIL get the glitches sorted out and please God the councelling will help *) All the wollies on here have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant 2011 *) Our financial situation gets even somewhat better.