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abernathy Posts: 3
Hi girls, I have been a bit of a lurker here for a while and I guess I need to vent a little! I used this site coming up to my wedding in 2005 and I found it invaluable! I guess I'm just feeling a bit frustrated in that I'm dying to start TTC but for many reasons have to wait for another few months! I know this seems like a really stupid problem but it is really getting me down - so many friends have announced pregnancies in the last few weeks and while being really happy for them I guess I just feel like my life is on hold! I've been keeping an eye on this board since last summer when I suddenly discovered that I was ready for a baby so I guess I have most of the waiting done but the closer I get the further away it seems and it doesn't help that January is dragging! Looking at my AF dates we should be able to try after my AF at the end of March which realistically isn't that long away but it feels so far away! Which I realise is completely idiotic since I've been waiting since last June :-) It's a strange feeling for me cos I was very much an "in the future" person when it came to kids and now I'm a "NOW" person! Complete turnaround! Anyway, sorry for unloading but it does help me feel better, if a little dumb :-) Thanks, A
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Awwww, keep yourself distracted until then, make sure you're well prepared, ie. taking folic acid, are you on the pill? If yes, when are you planning on stopping, if not are your cycles regular? In the meantime, enjoy some quality time with your new husband. x
round two Posts: 1018
Hi A, Firstly welcome to the TTC club. I know that March seems a long time away. Is there major reason that you cannot start straight away. It could take a few months for your body to gear up for TTC if you have been on the pill. Unless there is something seriously major I would just go for it. Personally there is nothing that would delay me once I decided I was going. This is the most imporant thing in my life and everything else pales in comparison. HTH
abernathy Posts: 3
Thanks a million for your replies girls, I really appreciate it! I guess I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself so apologies! I realise it pales compared to what some people have gone through. I have been off the pill since June, got the rubella checked then as well and have been taking the folic acid since then too! The main reason for coming off the pill was cos it was giving me serious mood swings which is very unlike me! The problem with coming off it is that it gives me hope that something may happen by accident every month which is wrecking my head! I'm the queen of imaginary symptoms :-) There are very valid reasons for not trying sooner so I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it! The best of luck to you all! A
round two Posts: 1018
Hiya, Well you could just strt getting yourself prepared by starting your chart and watching your temps each month and just think you only have to go through another 3 AF's before you will be on your first 2WW. Good Luck
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi abernathy, i could have written that post myself. I cant wait to start TTC but have to until at least March. I have just started a new job (3rd week) and want to be in it a while b4 i start. Also new house ready next month and want to get settled there too. Its horrible waiting, i know exactly how you feel, it seems everywhere i turn i see pregnant women and babies. DH said to come off the pill now and use other protection for a few months but i know we would get carried away and not use any. I heard that when you come off the pill you are most fertile so hopefully will finish pach on 30th march and good to go then. I know you could be trying ages but my Mam got pregnant first time, so did my sis when she started trying and so did DH Mam so hopefully ill follow in their footsteps. Anyway, just think your not alone and we will pray the next few months flies. :xxx
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
I had planned to ttc this month but you know we have all been so sick with bugs and flu's I think I am going to wait until May and hope to have the baby when the weather is a bit better...I know that's crazy but we have been plagued.
sally Posts: 1140
I was the exact same as you last year.... I was mad to try for a baby since september 2005... but had to wait a whole year cause 1. Hubby said he wasnt ready 2. We wanted to do a bit of travelling and 3. Was bridesmaid for my friend. At times I almost cracked up and even had a bad fight with my friend who I was being bridesmaid for over it as she didnt even want me to start TTC a couple of months before her wedding. It sorted it self out though. Its really hard waiting but you dont have too long to go and maybe you could start charting and taking your folic acid to get yourself ready, I read loads of TTC books while I was waiting and now have a great understanding of how it all works which is great cause its taking us a while to be susscessful so at least I have the research done and was able to start charing straight away. The time will fly, maybe plan a weekend away or start a night course to take your mind off it. Good luck.
NotHere Posts: 10273
Welcome to the ttc gang!! :wv :babydust:
abernathy Posts: 3
Thanks again for all your comments! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one! Good luck to all of you! A