Witch Hazel Help please

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SandyClaws Posts: 3108
i know some wollies say that witch hazel is great for the stiches after giving birth but can it be used on any stitches? ive just gotten a lump off my finger today and man it fecking hurts!!!!!!
vidia Posts: 2960
Id say it wouldnt do any harm!! but Id prob head for the nurofen + first, and arnica gel/tabs to speed up the healing time.. Hope it gets better soon.. A glass of wine is good too for numbing the pain O-O
SpringChicken Posts: 666
I didn't think you could get witch hazel here anymore?
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
got a bottle in boots in blanchardstown last week, i took tylenol last night which really helped but i only got the niht time ones in new york so ill have to use the old ibuprofen today!! will def try the witchhazel after work! and my sister has arnica tabs which ill be taking too :thnk