Witch Hazel/Tea Tree Oil/Lavander???

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BusyDee Posts: 8527
Which one is recommended that you can use to "wash" yourself down there after going to the toilet esp if you have stitches after the birth? Have heard all 3 not sure which is best? Also was looking in boots yesterday and saw tea tree oil but it says to mix it with a carrier oil - it doesnt say anything about mixing it with water? What did others use?
Daff Posts: 11644
if you have stitches don't use tea tree oil.Stiches now are dissolvable and tea tree oil erodes them quicker which you don't want. I have mini sports bottles of water. I add a few drops of witch hazel adn lavender and 'wash' the area after each toilet trip with this solution. I healed great so will do the same this time... although hopefully won't have stitches this time :-8
fizzbomb Posts: 198
when i was in hospital the midwives recommended witch hazel and tea tree oil. However just a word of warning - I took a reaction to the teatree oil and this was not nice on top of stiches etc. So just be careful how much u use of these things 1st go :wv
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Where did ye get the witch hazel? Didnt see any in boots only in a skin care range! Was it in oil form?
fizzbomb Posts: 198
they gave me a wee bottle of it in the hospital. dont know if they all do this though. I know I def bought tea tree oil in boots. Im sure all them pharmacies keep witch hazel if you ask them
i want one Posts: 2893
when i was in hospital the midwives told me to stop using the witch hazel on the pads they said to keep the area as dry as possible. it seems there is conflicting advice around. i had everything bought and ended up not using any of it O:| on the plus side tho my stitches healed with no problem at all thank god.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I was just going to use it to rinse the area after the loo, I dont think I would put it on a pad. I have seen the tea tree oil alright but just wondering is this what you mixed with water? Is it ok to mix with water as it says on the one I seen to mix with a carrier oil? Think id prefer the witch hazel though, hate explaining in the chemist what I want it for :-8
Savida Posts: 542
Fill a sports bottle with plain water, use this to rinse yourself off after using the toilet. Then sprinkle some witch hazel on your pad, towards the front, not too much. The reason for this is if you have piles (which many women do!) then the witch hazel can irritate them! First and foremost thou keeping them nice and clean (showering/sports bottle etc.) is the moxt important thing you can do. HTH :wv
ructions Posts: 2689
At my antenatal class a few weeks ago the midwife told us to use nothing but water on stitches.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think i will ask them at the antenatal too and see what they say! "Hopefully" I wont have any stitches :o0