with combined care should i be scanned at week 24?

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I had my 20 week scan and when i was leaving the gynae she said " see you in 8 weeks" which will obvoiusly mean week 28 and that i must make an appt with my doc for week 24 but i thought accoring to the "combined care scheme" that you get a scan at 24 and 28 weeks or did i read that totally wrong (that's not unlike me :-8 ) anyone help me out?
milis Posts: 7998
It doesn't say anywhere on the combined care scheme that you will get more than one scan for the duration of your pregnancy. It just gives you the layout of visits. At your stage, one visit to a healthcare provider every 4 weeks is normal.
bear80 Posts: 85
Hey also doing combined care you only get scan at 12 and 20 weeks. Maybe in hospital might get mini scans at those visits. Im in mid wife clinic so I wont as they dont have the machines.
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
I'm just looking at my schedule of visits now and it's as follows: Before 12 weeks: GP before 20 weeks: hospital 24 weeks: GP 28 weeks: GP (if not your 1st pregnancy); hospital (if it is your first pregnancy). 30 weeks: GP 32 weeks: hospital 34 weeks: GP 36 weeks: hospital 37 weeks: GP 38 weeks: hospital 39 weeks: GP 40 weeks: hospital 2 weeks after birth: GP 6 weeks after birth: GP Having said that, when I got my dates through from the hospital - I was only given 3 dates (guess the other dates might come through at a later stage?)
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
i had one scan only at 17 weeks in hospital, next hospital appt was at 33 weeks followed by appt at week 38. was seen every four weeks by gp/midwife.after 35 weeks you will be seen every week. apparently it is normal to get only one scan on a complication free pregnancy, obviously you will get more than that if an issue arises.
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
On my 1st pregnancy I got 2 scans but seeing as on this one my 1st appt is at 17wks I'm not so sure I'll be getting 2 at all.
babs76 Posts: 1000
thanks for that girls - I should have read the literature properly before posting - thanks again