Wk 33 : what sleeping position ?

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mayday08 Posts: 704
Just wondering what sleeping position mums to be in the third trimester are using ? I normally lie on my left side ? not sure what to do with my legs shuold i tuck them up or ...........what ..... !! Is there any position that would be good to help a baby move to head down rather than breech poition.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
From what i've been reading, sleeping on your left side is the best position to sleep. Sleeping on my left side suits me as this is how I've always slept, only problem is my hip gets so sore I have to turn to sleep on right hand side every few hours. I dont' seem to be able to sleep at all when I have pillows in bed. The 2 positions you have to avoid is back and bump. Not sure if there's any position that will help baby change positions.
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hey Mayday08, I'm sleeping on both sides, as if I stay on any one side my hips and back play up on me and cause some quite bad pain. I have a Pregnancy pillow too, which I have been using between my legs too, and this helps a wee bit, but to be honest hun, I can't sleep great for the past week or so (first time inthe pregnancy mind, so I have been blessed) and think this will probably continue. My mam always says that its nature's way of getting you used to needing less sleep in prep for babs arrival... Left side is supposed to be best though. Sorry this isn't much help. :-8 sue
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm like Psycho Sue, 20 min on each side and then the pain wakes me, then I spend 5 minutes 'rolling' over to the other side. Left is supposed to be best but from stuff I've read, wherever you get rest is the best. I even saw that consultant I think his name is Dr Peter Boylan on some tv show saying you can sleep on your belly if you like. When my baby was breech I was told to get down on all fours with bum in the air for a while each day :wv
justwed09 Posts: 2349
+1 for sleeping on side and hips getting unbearably sore. that coupled with the bad dose of scaitica i have - im getting physio today so hopefully it will ease a bit. left is meant to be best though as your organs are leaning more towards your right side of your body so babs has more room when you sleep on your left side - or so the midwife in our ante natal class told us.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Since everyone seems to have the same problem...........sore hips once you sleep for a while on either sides, anyone come up with any ways of getting over this? I currently sleep on a folded towel and fleece blanket (to make bed softer), this was great for first few nights of doing it but now I think i need something else, can't sleep on pillows, just throw them out in middle of night.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Paracetamol when you get desperate
tilsun Posts: 4506
Bouncing on the exercise ball or a short walk in the evening both really help my hips. The walk especially but it's hard to remind myself of that when I'm cosy on the couch