Woke last night with terrible pain

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fingerscrossedxx Posts: 72
Morning all, I'm currently 6+2 and last night I woke up in agony, really low down I swore I was having a misscarriage but when I went to the bathroom there wasnt even a spot of blood. I have a feeling that maybe it was a threatened misscarriage? The pain was down at my pubic bone and was the worst pain I have ever felt, far worse than really bad period cramps. It lasted about half an hour i think and eased off, then I fell back to sleep. This morning I am fine no aches or pains and still no blood. I had a missed misscarriage before but no pains just brown spotting and that was at 15 wks. I have a docs appointment made for tommorrow as my gp isnt in today. Anyone else ever have this or what do you make of it. Thanks ladies :thnk
apple drop Posts: 331
Sorry honey, no real advice for you, would you try calling your local maternity hosp and ask one of the nurses there on what you should do? They might put your mind at rest or bring you in to check it out. Explain that your Dr is away till tomorrow and that you are worried about it. Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on. :action32 :action32
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I had bad pains like you describe in the very early days, but for reasons which wouldn't apply to you, unless you did IVF... I have had sharp pains more recently, but they've come & gone very quickly - my doctor said that these are completely normal. My heart goes out to you for the worry that you're going through, hun. I'd try to get a scan done today, if possible, just for peace of mind, but please God it's just one of those pregnancy pains. :lvs :lvs
marriedLife Posts: 1881
mylifeaswife last week I turned quickly from lying on my stomach to lying on my back and get the sharpest pain ever in exactly the same place as you. It lasted about 5 mins I would say and then for about 20 mins after every time I touched the area I would get a shooting pain. I am fine now??? Was thinking I just moved too quickly? Maybe you did something similar while you where asleep and the pain woke you up?
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
i had this pain at 5 weeks huni, and i was rolling around the bathroom floor thinking i was gonna get sick and sweating something terrible, it eased off after a while and i fell back to sleep in bed, it was all stretching pains, like very very bad af pains!" hope u feel better soon, maybe give ur doc a buzz if u are still worried :lvs
fingerscrossedxx Posts: 72
Thanks for the replies... Still no more pains thank god and thinking about it i think I over done it over the weekend so that might have something to do with it too. I'm gona stay positive anyway as it passed and at that time of night I say half an hour and it could have been 5 minutes! Wannababs i think you are right in that it was streching pains (i hope) will wait and see what doc says tommorrow and will let yas know. I'd say he might send me for an early scan, fingers crossed.
Piggle Posts: 1770
During my first trimester I was woken from my sleep four times with really really bad cramps, I was bent over with them and was convinced that that was the end of it, but it wasn't!! Its hard not to worry, but I found by just relaxing not walking too much or stretching or lifting at all made the cramps ease. Some of us are just prone to them hun.