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littlebobby Posts: 106
Hi all just wondering if anyone else is coming across a problem accessing WOL on their phone. When i click on link it comes up invalid data supplied. just wondering if there have been any changes, miss reading the forums on my lunch in work :o(
FastLane Posts: 252
I'm on my phone now, but had this problem a couple of weeks ago for about 3 days, I don't have a computer so there was loads to catch up on when I got back!
littlebobby Posts: 106
Thanks fast lane for reply, sorry for late reply. I got access back after 3 days too, weird. thanks again
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Maybe it's something to do with that survey pop up they have on the go at the minute? On my phone I usually just skip the site and go straight to the forum from a bookmark. Haven't noticed any problems lately.