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joker Posts: 2789
I :lvs this song... it brings a tear to my eye... esp since we got engaged... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=920WD_eEpp4
MsCabbage Posts: 674
Aw I LOVE this too - so sad, poor joseph :o(
joker Posts: 2789
H2b showed me a picture of grace tonight... So sad He said she never remarried--- queue me blubbering like a baby again!!
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
beautiful song, but really sad! one of my favourites ever!
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I remember sitting in a pub several years ago listening to a young lad singing that song with goosebumps on my arms. The same young fella was the nicest, most genuine person highly thought of by everyone. He is now a mess with drink. He never leaves the house and I haven't seen him in years, and everytime I hear that song I think of the talent he had for music and singing and what a pure waste of what could have been such a good life for him
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Fab song, bit of a party piece for H2B after a few jars!!!!
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
[quote="Elban26":gnti21e4]Fab song, bit of a party piece for H2B after a few jars!!!![/quote:gnti21e4] mine too, except for the fact that i can't hold a note! ;o)
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Aw, my sister's name is Grace so this song is always rolled out at any family gathering! She has just broken up with her boyfriend of 4 and a half years so I think if I were to actually listen to it I'd be bawling cos she lives so far away and I can't even give her a hug! :o( Beautiful song.