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Desiderata Posts: 286
Hi Girls, We are hoping to have our wedding on the Sunday before next Christmas (deposit not paid yet but almost..) After a lot of searching (all over Ireland) we fell in love with this venue. We thought we could do it on a Sunday because my uncle is a priest and has married all of my cousins etc. Anyway he just told me that he wont be able to do it (for reasons I cant go into now). :o( I am devastated, this means that we will have to find a priest to marry us as it is too far away from my hometown to travel to the venue on the day. I need help on two areas: 1) Has anyone ever gotten married on a Sunday? If so how did they find a priest. 2) Has anyone gotten married in a church away from their hometown and if so was it difficult to find a priest? I would really appreciate any advice as the deposit needs to be paid in the next few days but I want to be sure that I will find a priest to marry us. I am sooooo disappointed, I thought our serach was over.. Thanks Girls.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I think I remember an old post on this over in L & R and the opinion was that would be difficult to get married on a Sunday. There is a lot of pressure on parish priests to get their masses said on a Sunday, due to dwindling numbers etc. and I suppose it would also be difficult to get suppliers such as hair and make-up, florists etc. to work Sunday without charging extra. I know from my own experience that trying to find a priest to say a Friday mass was difficult enough, as in, priests don't know how they will be fixed from one month to another and we ended up having a priest cancel on us as the Bishop was moving him off to another project. If you do manage to find one, you would need to be very sure he won't let you down later in the year, once you book your hotel and pay deposits etc.
Desiderata Posts: 286
Thanks for the advice Missus Lippy. I actually just called the Hotel and they said that the Church will allow people in that diocese to get married on Sundays so thats one problem sorted! She gave me the number of a local priest so I am going to ring him now. You made a good point in that they could let us down at the last minute (seeing as they dont know us or anything it might be risky) Its terrible because we are both actually really good church goers and the ceremony is very important to us. Fingers crossed I will get something sorted. Thanks again.
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
Hi westbury theres a church in Dundalk i think it does weddings on a sunday now you'd have to ring to check but i know when we were trying a hotel in that area and didnt have the date we wanted they offered the sunday to us and we werent sure and they said that they thought the Blackrock Church in Dundalk done weddings on a Sunday maybe try there if its not too out of the way did you go with the Nuremore Hotel if you did it wouldnt be that far, also theres a church in Kilmainhamwood that does weddings on a sunday again youd have to ring to check
Desiderata Posts: 286
Hi Bunnybaby! Thank you so much for all that info but the Panic is over!!! The hotel gave me the name of a priest and I just called him and he said no problemo, Sunday, 20th December @1.30!!! All booked, cant believe it he was just so lovely and no hassle at all!!!! So delighted, woohoo :wv I went to the Nuremore on Friday but it wasnt my cup of tea at all. I really wanted to love it because it would be so handy but I really didnt like it. We hopped in the car on Sat and went to see the Radisson and Slieve Russel in Cavan. We LOVE the Slieve Russel so hopefully will put the deposit down this week!! Sorry I'm not New Years Day now like you...but now you can give me your list of suppliers (if you don't mind?) Thanks!
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
ah thats great well glad you got sorted...i'll pm you the suppliers no bother atall :o)ll