wollies take note-flower advise regarding the church

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poodle Posts: 596
:o)ll i was just ranting on another topic when i thought you'z may be interested in this little snippet.Im a bridal florist (as well as a BTB) and ive had plenty of trouble in many a church when setting up the church flowers.I always ask bride to check what they are allowed to have,ie large altar arrangements , pew ends etc etc , and even tho the brides always check with priests they usually get the wrong info from them.recently in a very well known dublin church that ive done many a time i was setting up the altar arrangement with 3 candles in it when i was literally occousted by 2 of the "ladies" that help out in the church ,who asked me who i thought i was blahblah blah,the flowers were too big (they were fab!!!) i couldnt put up pew ends (which i went ahead and did anyway as bride had paid me to do it and was expecting it) and literally talked to me like i was dirt!They took the altar arrangemet off the altar and put it on the floor in front!!(were no one woud see it and now caused probs with the candles!) so i had to ring the groom as a very last resort to tip him off and get the BM to put it back up b4 party arrived.I was told by the 2 ladies and a priest that weddings are now like circus's,it was terrible.I was quite upset and have vowed never to work at that particular church again,and thought about becoming an athiest!.This is just a word of warning to all you girls out there that pay good money for flowers to double check with church to get the ground rules first before these busy bodies can do any damage.phew,its good to get a load off!!!! O:|
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Thats awful, some of those biddies should go back to their comfy little armchair and put their slippers back on!! Name and shame so all the other wollies don't make the same mistake!!
poodle Posts: 596
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll well,i dont really like to say.....Mt Argus (oops that just slipped out) :o0
garran9 Posts: 4401
Thanks a mill for sharing that!! :wv
poodle Posts: 596
:o)ll and to all btb who are going to mt argus,it is a fab fab church,so dont let my rant upset you , just be really careful who you discuss the finer details with ,get their name & ph no and pass onto florist so there can be no probs. :o)ll
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Think i'm safe enough so but thanks for the tip off as my mam is doing the flowers and has some big ideas! :wv
Valkstar Posts: 2747
My friend got married there last year and her flowers were gorgeous. I'll have to check if she had any hassle.
NarkyBoots Posts: 83
More important info that some people may be ignorant of: During lent you are not supposed to have flowers on the altar. Lent is early this year, running from 6th of Feb till Easter (obviously). Please check with your church re this and be sure to remind them that it is Lent if they say it's ok.
buzybumble Posts: 831
Poodle, I'm not getting married until Sept of next year but I asked the priest at my church about flowers and he said you have to ask the ladies and I was like what ladies ?? He then went on to tell me that he leaves them in charge of decking out the church with flowers etc.. I went to meet the ladies and they were all in there 60s and were crap at flower arranging, its a hobby to them. They said if I wanted someone else to do the flowers I would have to pay them between €500 and €800 towards the church as thats what they would be losing out on !!!! >:o( >:o( >:o( Went back to the priest to have a chat but he didnt want anything to do with it O:| So If anyone knows of a nice church on the south side that will be free in Sept 08 that doesnt have that kind of crap going on please PM Me O' poodle PM me your details as I will be needing a florist as I havent found one yet that I like.
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
Thanks Poodle for that :wv its crazy some of thestuff that happens