Womb moves up?

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SGirl Posts: 2542
I have heard people takling about their womb moving up, when does this happen and is that when you get a bump.... probably silly question, but searched for "womb" on the site, no answers though, and cant find it in the pregnancy book...
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Your Body's Development By 12 weeks pregnant your uterus will start moving up and out of your pelvis, settling in just above your pubic bone. From here your uterus will continue to expand into your abdomen, transforming your figure in amazing ways. While it will take a full nine months for your uterus to expand as large as it can to house your baby, it will remarkably return to its tiny pre-pregnancy size just a few short weeks after delivery. During pregnancy week twelve your uterus will start to pack on some weight as your pregnancy progresses. The uterus will grow by roughly 2 pounds throughout your pregnancy week to week, compared with the tiny 2.5 ounces it weighed prior to becoming pregnant. http://www.pregnancy-weekbyweek.com/pre ... eek-12.htm
SGirl Posts: 2542
Thanks :thnk
Inlove10 Posts: 806
At around 20 weeks it'll be at your belly button