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Sweetmum Posts: 2146
the comments would start O:| I am 4 months pregnant with twins and have been waiting for the 'god you're huge'comments! I just was at my front door talking to DH and my neighbour walked passed and the staring of her on my bump was something else :o0 She said to my DH that he will need a wheelbarrow to get me around and then called to her daughter to come and have a look at my bump :-8 Morto!! Ok I am big for 4 months but there are two babies in there, why can't people keep their comments to themselves! No one wants to hear they're as big as a house! I had to laugh though,better get used to it I guess!
Chubbums Posts: 699
It's very annoying Sweetmum. O:| I get scanned up and down by a girl I work with every week (she's only in once a week) and EVERY time she finishes her scan of me she says "You're getting big"!! I feel like saying yes I am pregnant so it's to be expected >:o) How rude of her to bring her daughter to have a look :ooh It's like the whole tummy rubbing.....random people think they've the right to rub your belly....Em excuse me but do I touch parts of your bod and start rubbing them...eh no...HANDS OFF :o0
ohsotired Posts: 7071
At least you are expecting twins Sweetmum - the amount of times I've been asked if I'm expecting twins, am I sure there's only one in there, has a multiple pregnancy definitely been ruled out etc etc :o0
pag Posts: 633
My response was either yep nice healthy baby on board. Or because I wasnt really that big until about 30 weeks I kept saying now - sure isn't it about time I started getting bigger - at this stage I'd want to have a healthy bump. Most people back tracked immediately and said oh of course.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
Oh i love when people say im getting big! Means im getting closer to the end and im starting to look pregnant instead of fatter :o0
mamabyrne Posts: 19
Oh sweetmum ya poor thing, but i think people are always gonna throw in their tuppence worth! I get oh use such a tiny little bump 'ur dainty' cunningly i don't mind when my mum/close friends say it, but its when people i bearly know i get insulted for some reason! I think my point is, people always feel they have to comment to a pregnant woman when they see one!
Whall Posts: 159
It's funny, no-one comments on my bump and I wish they would as I'm worried they don't know I'm pregnant and just think I'm fat! Irrational I know (the mind of a pregnant woman)!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
im only just 12 weeks on my 2nd, and people know already but the other day i was going to the loo and a girl i kinda know, came out of a room and stared straight at my tummy and said, ANY NEWS..... i said, sure you heard im expecting again and she says, I heard a rumour alright, and i said, its not a rumour at all! she didnt know where to look then when i came out of the loo, another girl came towards me and looked straight at my tummy again, and said, oh how are u, have you seen such and such a person, am hello-- stop staring at my gut! :o0 :o0 :o0
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
I hear ye girls!Some people have [u:36n1oy7v]absolute[/u:36n1oy7v] no cop on! Some people say the most ignorant things to us when pregnant >:o(