Hi Guys, Avid reader of this forum, first time poster. Just wanted to let people know about our recent experience with the Woodlands Hotel Waterford. We were booking our wedding there recently, and we were treated in a terrible way by the manager. He not only seemed uninterested in our special day from our first meeting i.e didn't want to see the printouts of what menu we wanted for the adult & kids meals, he also went back on our agreed price on the menu. Then when we questioned him on this and expressed our issues with trusting him he subsequently banned us from holding our wedding there because we called him up on the issue. As you can imagine, this has upset us tremendously and has taken the excitement away from this normally happy period. We were so upset as the previous manager was so much more customer oriented when we held other events in the hotel. Just wanted to make you guys aware to get everything is writing or record your conversation when dealing with this manager. Just such a pity that the service is so bad as the hotel itself and the rest of the staff is great.