work and round the clock MS

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redroses Posts: 714
Hi Girls, Im almost 11 weeks at the moment and have had such bad round the clock nausea and vomitting. I've had to take the last two weeks off work and im back in tomorrow. What im wondering is do any of you work in very hot surroundings? I've quite a physical job that would have entailed lots of manual lifting, which i no longer do. But the heat is unbearable most of the time. Ive been in hospital twice in the last 5 weeks for iv fluids. Have any of you that have had particulary bad sickness and nausea needed time off?
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Oh you poor thing. I dont really have any advise? I presume you have told work? Can you talke to them tomorrow about how hard your finding it with the heat etc? They might let you take regular breaks?
beeper Posts: 125
You poor thing - dont have much advice either but hope you'll be able sort out something - have you tried the travel sickness bands? I found them great. Try and eat little and often - i found melon great and crackers and philly. Hope it passes, mine did after week 12
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks ladies, ive told work, otherwise id be lifting etc. I can take a break if i need it but it doesnt help much. Have tried the travel bands but they didnt do anything at all. With dd this lasted until around week 20, i dont think i can cope much longer to be honest. Im honestly thinking about giving up work but then i know id just be stuck at home feeling sorry for myself. Its the most misreable time and im at my wits end. :o(
chicabride Posts: 453
I took 10 weeks off work due to MS.I was in and out of hospital with it. I had hyperemisis but my bosses wife had it and he understood. On my first I worked on a till in a supermarket and I could smell the frozen pepperoni on a pizza and if a cooked chicken came through,..that was the end of me!! I even puked all over the shop floor one day. If I was you I would have a little r&R at home and go back when your 100% well..
beeper Posts: 125
awh you poor thing - really hope you feel better soon - it really is so horrible - i remember it too well - like a constant hangover. Take good care x
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
You poor poor thing, I've had the same thing since week 4 and its still with me although the vomiting seems to be waning out.. If I was you I'd ask my doctor to sign me out, Im not working at the minute but it was hard enough to get out of bed in the morning never mind get out of the house and do a days work... Hope you feel better soon x
roxychick Posts: 1802
I had to take 4 months off sick each time. I wouldn't have been able to work. It's horrible but it does pass. :action32
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks all, ive taken a week or two off and will see how i am. Such a sh!tty time and such a happy time all in one! im dying for it to pass now. Thanks again.
utter bliss Posts: 209
I can sympathise I had to take 5 weeks off with DS I had hypermesis and going to work was impossible. I have it again this time and have also had to take a few weeks off don't rush back to work if you are not able. You and LO are what is important - it is hard when you are going through it but it does pass.