Work & Babies!!! how do you do it????

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aliwac05 Posts: 40
Hi All, This is first time on the disussion forum but I got married about a month and a half ago and always used this site for advice. My husband and I would like to start trying for a baby in the next few months or so but heres the problem...... i just started a new job a week ago and I am not sure whether I would be entitled to paid maternity benefit or not. how would I find out with setting too many alarm bells ringing??? My husband and I both earn good salarys but we have a high mortgage and need to get a good few bits and pieces done to our house and I don't think I could afford not to get paid my salary if I was on maternity leave. Do any of you have this problem? How did you get around it? Thanks so much for your help!!!!! And congrats to all those pregnant women & new mothers out there!!!!!! :D Aliwas05 :D
pippa Posts: 436
To be honest I don't know how you'd go about doing this too discreetly. If it's a large company it probably has literature written up about this somewhere - you could ask for a list of the general leave arrangements and the maternity information might be included. Or it might be even up on an intranet system if you're lucky. If that's not an option then maybe you could just wait a few weeks and see if you find anyone trustworthy enough to ask discreetly. Another mother perhaps - she'll be the most likely to understand. Of course it may be that the company does not pay maternity benefit at all, in which case you will be receiving it from the social welfare. Their amounts are 75% or your wages up to a limit of €249.
mrs steph Posts: 125
I was working full time when I had my DS. Not great wages but it was enough for us to get by. We had a new house (which I suppose we couldn't afford at the time). Anyway when I went on mat leave my company didn't pay me a penny so we had to learn to live with what we had. After mat leave I went part time which meant less money but when you have a baby your priorities change, you spend your money on different things and now we are selling the house we couldn't afford for double the price to build a new house on a site we bought. Its possible and extremely rewarding. Lol
aliwac05 Posts: 40
LOL you are dead right!!! I never thought of it like that!!! I suppose myself and hubby spend alot on our social life right now because we don't have kids!!! but as you say that will all change when a baby arrives!!! I was thinking about it last night and I am going to try and establish myself in the new job first and give it six months and save a bit and then maybe start trying for a baby!! so hopefully i will be visiting this site soon with some good news!!! thanks for the advice and im delighted you are so happy with your little one!!!!! Ali-wac
Judy Posts: 612
I could of wrote LOL post my circumstances are the very same, although after we tie the knot were gonna try for baby no 2 and il probly not bother goin back to work for a year or two
mrs steph Posts: 125
Judy we got married in Feb this year and I too am dying to have baby no 2 but because we are building our new house at the moment we have decided to leave it another year. Hopefully at this stage I will also be in a position to give up work for a year or so. aliwac05, glad I could of been some help. I know its very daunting as you don't exactly know whats going to happen when this new person is part of your family but today I always woder what we used to do with our two full wages every week but now I have the best of both worlds I think, working part time and being at home part time. I think children bring you a more precious happingess better than money could ever bring. Best of luck and I hope that the next year brings you a lovely bundle of joy. Lol :D :D
Carmen Posts: 510
Hijacking this slightly sorry! I work in Northern Ireland but live in the south. How long do you have to be paying PRSI for before you can clain matrnity benefit and if you have not been paying enough stamps are you entitled to anything :? Hope that makes sense!
Judy Posts: 612
Lol were in the process of buiding our own home too coincidence again or what! :wink: