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Mariak123 Posts: 17
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me? I am very close to two girls at work and definitely want to invite them and their partners to the whole wedding. I was thinking of giving after's invites to 2 other girls who I am less close to but still get on well with and also my boss, however I am very worried that they will be offended with afters invites only, especially my boss. What do you think?
fizzgig Posts: 501
I think no matter what you do, its a minefield. I have just a boss, so i dont have your problem, but my partner goes on break with a large group and he isnt sure what to do either. He has invited just one girl and her partner from the group. Otherwise it would have been another 6 people, and thats alot when your trying to keep numbers down. We might be sneaky and have a " round B " of invites, if we get some declines in. It all boils down to cost at the end of the day.
newlyengaged2011 Posts: 152
I am just inviting 2 close friends from work, and then sending an email to the rest of the Team to the evenings. Other people in the team that got married just asked a few to the day invite, and then the rest of us got an email, so i am going to do the same. I am not inviting my manager, as I only talk to him once a week. whatever we do with invites, and inviting people, we are going to offend someone.. :o)ll
Mariak123 Posts: 17
I know, It's so stressful. I don't think the two other girls will be offended with after's invites but I think the boss might. We get on well togehter in work but we have purely a work relationship.
Crystal Gal Posts: 464
I am inviting 3 and their partners as I work with them every day and I am very close to them, there's another 3 that aren't in every day and they'll be getting an afters invite, think it's the easiest thing to do :)
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
Theres 2 girls that i go to lunch with in work, one of them got promoted (still within the department) about 6 months ago and since then not close to her anymore and i never really liked her anyway but I am only inviting the one girl and her partner Id say their will be murder! but at the end of the day its only work colleagues i could be in a new job this time next year so not gonna stress over it
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
I work in an office with 14 others.....there is no way i can invite them all plus partners yet i don't think i can invite 1 or 2 & not the rest either?! I'm thinking maybe an evening invite for them all? I'm friendly with a girl that works in another office & she'll be getting a full day invite with her husband alright but then they won't know anyone else at the wedding would wreck your head O:|
clairemc29 Posts: 86
Maybe just invite your work colleagues and not their partners?? Unless you know their partners there isnt always a need to invite them.. As others have said there will always be someone with their nose out of joint so just go with whatever you think!
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
spaced2012 Posts: 275
im inviting 7 work colleagues without partners - 4 single, 2 long term partners & 1 married. i've said to them that I can invite more of them if no partners, who are welcome to the evening. as i'm good friends with them none of them mind and glad to get away for girls night. I think its different with work colleagues, you dont know their partners at all. althougth its not the same...i'm going to 2 weddings in next few months and leaving OH behind even though he was invited. one is abroad & we cant afford to both go. ill look forward to weekend away with my mates!