Work contacting you while off on maternity leave

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mama2E Posts: 670
Just wanted some advice! Is it normal for work to continue to contact you when on maternity leave. I have a very stressful sales job and since I've been off my manager has been phoning me regularly to ask me where this is - what should she do with X??????? Its really starting to piss me off and stress me out a bit. I just wanna relax and enjoy my maternity! She's not nasty and I don't wanna seem like a cheeky bitch by saying "don't contact me" - Just wondering what's the norm????????
mcglick Posts: 463
I wouldnt say it is the norm.....Im in finance and its not the done thing here.....but suppose when it comes to customers/salses that may be a different story ....... very annoying. Is it a work phone they are contacting you on?
mama2E Posts: 670
No. My boss is phoning my personal phone! She also swaps between her work phone and her home landline (which I don't recognize and answer every time as I think its my family calling!) I think it doesn't help that my pregnancy brain is mush - I literally can't remember or recall what she is asking me about!!!! Very stressful!
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I know how you feel - my maternity cover seems to think she should ring every day. So far all questions could have been answered by someone else in the office but she comes straight to me instead. It really is stressing me out - been waking up at 4 in the morning and suddenly work pops into my head and I can't get back to sleep. Anyway she rang at lunch time today while I was having a nap and woke me. I was fairly short with her on the phone and finished the conversation with "I'll give you a shout a in few weeks when I feel up to it". Hopefully she's got the hint now.
mcglick Posts: 463
if its your personal phone then thats defo out of order! What a pain! Can you save the numbers she is ringing you from and then ignore and slowly but surely ease off on the replies? Or even get your partner to answer the phone and say shes resting at the minute/shes not feeling very well/ it cant be that urgent!!!! etc etc and its so annoying if you turn it off your missing out on your own fam & friends contacting you, at this stage you need to have your phone on at all times
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I had decided that because my employer wasn't giving me a pay topup I wouldn't answer the phone to him. He rang once and I told him that his query wasn't urgent and I would appreciate if he didn't ring me unless it was urgent. I worked right up until DD was born (not by choice) and he rang me a week after she was born >:o( If he was paying me I would have felt obliged to answer the phone.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[quote="Rocket Queen":f0lszq81]I had decided that because my employer wasn't giving me a pay topup I wouldn't answer the phone to him.[/quote:f0lszq81] Same here.
Mrs SomeDaySoon Posts: 117
mama2b, do you have an answering machine? that way you can screen all calls first and if it's family or friends then you can pick up just as they are beginning to leave a message. even if work leaves a message, i'd wait 2-3 days to get back too them saying you weren't feeling well, or visting family and then they will soon get the message.
lollypop Posts: 317
That is just wrong. They shouldn't be phoning you, urgent or not. Don't answer the phone anymore, your not obliged to, they will soon get the message. they are being very unfair to you IMO.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I had this problem too when on leave after having DS, I even got a call when he was 2mths old asking would i come in the next day and work as they were really 'stuck' well I went in that day and i f**ked them out of it, i didn't work of course just went in to have a fight really... it was the office manager doing this, and i got on to the main man and told him what was going on...and if it continued i would be expecting pay for everyday i had had a phone call or query thrown at me...well it was the last time i got a call anyway...(I obviously didn't get on with the office manager :o0 ) but seriously its bl00dy wrong you should be enjoying this time off and they should have been prepared for when you were gone, if they can't function without you, well then you need a serious pay increase, as its obvious the place will close down if you don't answer the phone...I know your manager seems 'nice' about the whole thing, but its plain and simple ignorant and insensitive...