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motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I had this whole thing wrote that went on for pages but I just deleted it.. Don’t think anybody would have stayed awake past the first paragraph! :-8 Basically its a problem with work colleagues, not work, I'm actually surprising myself with how easily I have been managing with my work load. Long story short I work in a predominantly in a male environment, we have always had the crack and I have always been able to take it and join in etc. But since I'm pregnant I feel things have taken a nasty turn. On one occasion I was having a heated discussion with a colleague because he made a mistake that resulted in me having to do 2 additional hours of unnecessary work! To which his professional response was "oh is this the hormones now"!!!! :eek :eek Then this morning the same guy along with another guy proceeded to have an hour long joke on and off about my weight and basically how fat I was! >:o( >:o( Maybe its just me but I think this is just too much... I have now reported it to our direct manager who assures me he will have a word this time but next time there will be further action taken as he is already aware of the first incident also. I'll end up finished work early because of the stress from this bullsh*t not from work O:| O:|
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[quote="Toni2706":2jz2uvlj]Then this morning the same guy along with another guy proceeded to have an hour long joke on and off about my weight and basically how fat I was! >:o( >:o( [/quote:2jz2uvlj] Git. "I'm pregnant... what's [i:2jz2uvlj]your[/i:2jz2uvlj] excuse?" usually works for me. :wv
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I know! I should have but I think the way the whole thing happened I was just so surprised, embarrassed etc all at once that I didn't even have a response! This whole thing nearly became a discussion in the room >:o( And normally I pride myself on being quick off the mark and able for them but this was just too much..Feel so foolish but really don't think its something I should have to listen to or take. If there was a girl in our department who gained or lost weight for any other condition everybody would be so careful that they didn't insult or upset her so why is it just because I'm pregnant I should be expected to take this!! I wouldn't mind but everybody I meet tells me i'm tidy etc but now I feel so paranoid in here.. Hate the whole situation.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Calm down, (im not being nasty here) you were well able for the craic & slagging pre-pregnancy, they possibly think you are still able for it. Remember your hormones are running wild & you aren't able for as much, if you weren't pregnant you possibly wouldn't feel as sensitive about it IYKWIM - They prob dont realise you are so offended, you have put on weight but they just see this as baby weight & wouldn slag you if it was anything else- I got it all the time from my family etc - I just laughed it off - I knew I had weight on but also knew I would loose it after babs (still working at it :o0 ) I'd imagine they wont say a word to you when you come off ML if you have a few extra lbs. Not sure Im getting my point across very well but You are feeling more sensitive a mo & they mean it in good spirits.
the moms Posts: 1427
NewGirl, I'm not sure if I agree. It sounds like what they are saying is inappropriate and no one should have to take that from their colleagues, whether they are sensitive or not. Toni, hopefully your manager will do something about it. Try not to stress too much, they're not worth it. At least it's Friday so you get to relax and enjoy the weekend! :wv
happyfeet Posts: 1316
Well i think there is a time and place for jokes etc in the work place - but calling a pregnant woman "fat" is most defo not appropriate in any place or at any time! >:o( >:o( I be pretty p*ssed off if that happened to me. Dont get me wrong i can still take some banter in work with being preg but there is a line.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks girls :thnk Newgirl you are most definately right about being more sensitive to it but I think its still all relevant, somethings that are said I never find as insulting. Also to explain further I am not the only pregnant woman in the office at the moment, the other girl is actually the wife of one of the guys who joined in on crack today but she never had any of this and its purely cos her husband works with us so nobody would dare.. so why is it I'm not out of bounds for their jokes, will my DH have to come in and stand behind me?! Also if I was a girl in here who was gaining weight for any other reason it would be considered too sensitive a topic and too in-appropriate to slag and insult but because I'm pregnant I'm just supposed to be ok with it >:o( Not too sure if I think thats fair or just down right mean! One of the other guys has always joked about especially when I eat chocolate or when I start chumping into lunch :-8 but as weird as it sounds his jokes are all in good taste just about eating more while I'm pregnant and I've never taken insult... But to be told that I am so fat that somebody wouldn't be able to fit beside me on a bench?! :eek :eek Just think it went too far.. Unfortunately Stumpy I'm on OT this w/e :weep But neither of the 2 nasties from today are in this w/e so at least there's that!
Delish Posts: 4176
Toni, I'm getting annoyed by just reading this, definitely report them, fu*k them, why should you make allowances for people that upset you and are completely rude aqnd out of order. If they don't know what normal social boundaries are that's their problem not yours.
mariac Posts: 982
hormones or no hormones they have f****** right to comment negatively on your appearance. its an undertone of bullying as far as im concerned as it has upset you and made you uncomfortable. this should stop here. you dont need this crap at work - none of us would
pricilla Posts: 1564
Same thing happened to me recently, one of the men here at work was going on and on about my weight "no wonder you're so fat" and "oh you'll have trouble losing all that weight afterwards" really insulting me and then laughing. My mother told me if they do it again, just say "[b:2xfxu6qr]You should never make comments about a womans weight, whether pregnant or not, so stop being rude[/b:2xfxu6qr]". She always drilled that into us, you should be nice to pregnant women and she was dead right!