Thankfully today is the 1st day of my maternity leave :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll And it honestly could not have cocme at a better time work wise, as things are getting soooo stressful in there, not my problem anymore. My team were called for a meeting mid last week, today, where they have to put forward a plan as to how they are going to improve performance/work harder etc My boss was asking me if I had any hosp appointments? Then she said 'ah no we can't ask you to come in', too right you can't with less than 2 weeks to my due date!! :ooh I just emailed them all before the meeting to say good luck and I'll be thinking of them, and I seriously get the feeling they think I should be in there! Got back from boss 'what are you up to, bet you don't know what to be doing with yourself?', Eh HELLO, I'm entitled to and enjoying the rest! I was seriously worried all weekend I was so exhausted Fri that I wouldn't get any time to catch up on sleep before baby arrives! Thankfully I have but f€ ck them!! O:| Rant over!!! Sorry!