Work Review today -Edited to say: i love my boss!!!

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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
I don't think she'll have anything to say about my work but if my timekeeping in the morning and my internet usage comes up I'm screwed!!! It's my first review since moving to this dept last year and I'm no idea what to expect, I'm soooo nervous!!
cheile Posts: 1202
Ah jeezz! best of luck. I'd be screwed if I had a review. I'm sure you'll be fine. They might have the Friday feeling :lol:
Maud Posts: 857
Yes Magpie, it's the perfect day to have a review because they'll be feeling silly today with the long weekend and you'll be grand. Best of luck mrs.
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Thanks for the good wishes girls!! I had the review and it went really really well! Apparently i am fantastic, fab, doing an amazing job, all her words not mine!! Not a mention of the time-keeping, or the internet usage (so I take it I can stay on here all day now??) and best of all she is giveing me back all my course fees and expenses, even those I incurred before I came to this dept. because noone had picked up the tab before! It's a huge windfall, especially as i had written off ever seeing that money again. It's enough for a San Patrick wedding dress or a huge chunk of my orthodontic fees!!! I think i have abused puppy syndrome - I am completely devoted to this boss because she is the only one that ever treated me right, but when she says scary things like 'review' and 'can we have a chat' I get flashbacks and start trembling!!! :lol:
clucky Posts: 26471
awww yay and a happy bank holiday weekend begins for you
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
congrats and well done... she obv likes your work on the WOL too...if only she knew what a great multi tasker you are. :wink: well done now enjoy the wkend.
Shell Bell Posts: 357
Well done Magpie, great news about the windfall. If she had the smallest idea of the work you could do if you weren't on WOL you would probably be promoted to CEO!!!