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KEbaby Posts: 99
Hiya Just wanted your opinion on how you would handle this. I am on a temporary contract which runs right up until 2 days before my wedding. My friend works in HR in this company I am working in so she she got me the job. It was not supposed to be particularly stressful-"a handy number"... As it turns out-it's extremely stressful! The project deadlines were to tight and the pressure is enormous. My friend has been dumping her work on me as she cannot get to it and is overworked. (The boss Okayed this). I spoke to her about it and have told her I can't cope with the extra work and that I am up to my ears in it with my own workload. Her response was that my contract could be changed to add this extra workload to my duties. In fairness-my impression of the job when I took it was that it would be a 9 to 5 job. I already put in a good 45 mins extra (unpaid work every day) and now I have had to start working late on top of this once or twice a week. With the wedding I really can't put in anymore time into this job....I know I sound like a prima donna and everyone has to work "unpaid" time but this was not my impression when I took the job (it's the public service). Do I ask for extra resources to help me with my workload (which won't happen!) or do I speak to my friend again and tell her she will just have to put the work onto someone else??? I mentioned to her again today that I was struggling and I was working my ass off and her response was "if you don't get this done-this is a reflection on you. You are being paid to get this project done" which pisses me off and just adds to pressure. What do I do? This is really beginning to affect my relationship with her...
belcra Posts: 1097
Hi, I think you should speak to your friend again and tell her you need her to help you prioritise the most important tasks so you can ensure those jobs are done over some others due to the heavy workload. Make sure you work together to realistically work out how much time each task takes. I'd try to keep a record then of how long yours tasks are taking and highlight in advance if you aren't getting to the next task and ask what she suggests in that case? It's an awkward one but try to handle it sooner rather than later so your friendship doesn't suffer. Be business like about it and that you simply need assistance prioritising - or write it out yourself that you believe these are the tasks that take priority and let her know some might suffer. Hope that helps.
Luka Posts: 1904
I've been there. IN the end I left, the workload was unbearable & again it was "it's a reflection on you". O:| I was SO mad. OH yes, give me the work of 2 people & then bring me up to the managers office, when I'm not able to do it! >:o( In fairness. Your "friend" in HR doesn't seen to know much about employment law, which she should. Your line manager should discuss ways to even out the work load, You cannot be expected to over work like this, they are just using you till your contract is up. I was on a temp contract as well & they were a nightmare, personal comments, expected to work evenings when I was on half days (at 2 mins notice), Got berated like a child a few times (I was early 30's then), it went on & on... ON a side note, how close are you to this friend? COuld she be trying to ruin the run up to your wedding? I think if I were in your shoes ( like I was before) I would leave.
katief Posts: 1900
It sounds like a lose-lose situation no matter what you do. Being honest, that friendship is in the process of coming to a close. Id be thinking of damage limitation at this stage and leave, or how badly do you need the money? One thing though, a "handy number"? You get nothing for nothing in this day and age and a small part of me is wondering what it is that you expected?
FutureWife Posts: 298
I think you should document your issues about your workload in case the tables turn and you end up with an issue around deadlines . You'll need a reference from this potentially so keep that in mind too . maybe you can report to the boss rather than your friend perhaps . I would just say a straight no to extra tasks that were totally beyond my capacity , it can only end badly ( task unfinished ) so you might as well have the debate at the start and try to negotiate it down or get support to take on the task. I did wince when I saw 'handy number but it was probably just a turn of phrase . Its really frustrating having increasing hours , I'd prefer to just know straight up this is a 55 hour a week job rather than feel crap every day once it hits five .
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Are you reporting to your friend? If not maybe its time to use the correct reporting structure so your work can be channeled correctly. Might take the pressure off your friend & your relationship. I think the situation is normal in the public sector now. A lot of areas are understaffed & people are being overburdened. I think the 45 extra you should take on the chin but anything else - working late etc maybe draw the line
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
It sounds like both you and you friend have heavy workloads - you said she was moving some of the work to you as she was also overworked and struggling. But to be honest, an extra 45 minutes a day is not a huge amount of overtime to be doing (2.5 hours a week). When I started working in my job, I was doing 37 hours a week, now its more like 50 - all unpaid extra hours. Everyone in my company is the same - we have already had redundancies and are facing more if we dont hit budgets this year so everyone is under pressure. Unfortunatly, there is no such thing as a 9-5 handy number these days. But at least you know there is an end in sight (ie you have a finish date), so stessful as it is, I would tough it out till the end and know you can relax after its done on honeymoon!