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Yippee!!! Posts: 26
Hi Ladies Just found out Hubbie and I are 5 weeks pregnant so excited and happy!!!! I work with men and am worried about how to tell them as we are very busy at work. I hope not to tell anyone until I am far gone this isnt my first baby and i didnt really show last time till i was about 20 weeks.... Anyone else have the same worries? how did you deal with boss
billygate Posts: 952
You cant put your life on hold for other people! I am in the same boat thinking about having another bubs and I know my boss will go crazy!. You need to do whats right for you and your family
Daff Posts: 11644
My work are terrible with prenant woman - they never seem to come back from maternity leave and are replaced by a 'slightly different job title'! Highly illegal I know, but they always get away with it - so i'm terrifed of them finding out! Thankfully my Dad knows the employment law inside out and has always said he's help me fight them if it happened (no one every fights them, they seem to pick their battles wisely!) so at least I have that support.] So i'm trying to go as long as possible without telling them. My first appointment is 18th August so I'll try and get to two weeks before that (when I legally have to tell them) but it's hard. I'm so exhausted at the moment I can barely stay awake in work, i'm making silly mistakes and forgetting stuff i've done, so they're going to start noticing soon! I try not to worry about it, after all, all the male directors have children, so they can hardly expect me not to have any just so they don't have to worry about replacing me for 10 months! (and we don't get paid maternity leave in work either!)