Work travel - when is enough enough?

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Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Hi Ladies, My job requires travel from time to time. Since being pregnant I've already done 2 trips in trimester 1 (3 nights london & 2 nights paris) Both trips were tough. I was hiding I was pg and I was sick as a dog with MS and had to work very long days and socialise at night! I have another scheduled trip coming up at 22 weeks, its a short flight with 2 nights away, so I'm ok with that. In my head this was going to be my last work trip, so I was a bit dismayed when my boss started suggesting I go on another 3 European trips throughout July to September. In my mind these trips are not necessary. She is also assuming I'll be going on a weeks long-haul trip to California at 26 weeks. :duh: I need to push back, as I'm over worked as it is and starting to really feel the stress, because I'm so tired all the time. :zzzz: Any advice on how to push back? My friend is in pediatrics and she told me there is no way I should be expected to do the US trip and I should get a note from my consultant.
somanyqs Posts: 262
Yikes!!! I'm tired just thinking of all of those trips! Correct me if im wrong but do most if not all airlines have a cut off date that they won't let you fly with them think it's about 27 weeks. Travel/health insurance don't cover if god forbid u needed hospital treatment. I would mention it to manager that its too late to fly and get a note from consultant if necessary. Mind yourself with all of those trips don't forget the flight socks!!
dancingfeet Posts: 826
I think it is 30-32 weeks with airlines, but unsure about translantic flights. I would sit down with your manage & explain your situation. What are they going to do when you are on leave. Maybe its time for someone else to stage taking over your role regarding travel. Hope you get it sorted soom.
rosiemama Posts: 3363
I was in a similar position to you and I refused to fly at all in the third trimester. I thought that was reasonable enough. I found it tough going and really wouldn't have wanted to do any more. It wasn't even really the flights, it was the carting suitcases and laptops about and rushing to/from meetings, as well as having to go for dinner etc when I'd rather be in bed! I don't think I would want to do a long haul flight, even at 26 weeks. You don't need the stress. I just told my boss, he was fine with it. He had to be, what could he do! If I had to get confirmation from my GP I'm sure I could have but they didn't ask me to provide this. You should be starting to take it easy, baby comes first. And like dancingfeet says, they need to start thinking about what they will do when you go off.
Panama Posts: 383
You need to sit down with her and be clear - in your head is different to her knowing your feelings on travelling. There seems to be a lot of assuming going on so j think you need to lay it out clearly for her. Have they done a risk assessment?
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Thanks for your responses. I met with my consultant today and he is going to back me up on saying no to the US trip and he doesn't want me flying at all after 28 weeks. :yelrotflmaosmilie: time to set my boss straight.