Worried about dress fitting

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sarah1979 Posts: 198
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
Aw Sarah1979 :action32 Dont for one second let anybody tell you that "you need to lose a few pounds"..if the ladies in the shop are rude enough to say that to you, id put them in their place and say...well you should take some of your own advise >:o) You are spending alot of money with them so stuff what they think you are the customer! They are working for you! Oh that made me so angry, as if we dont have enough body image issues without people saying it to us!! You know when the big day comes you will be back on track and will slip into your dream dress no problem :lvs ...Thats motivation enough :) I know that anytime I need to lose weight for something I always gain...I completely stress eat and think ah sure what can one more take-away, biscuit, packet of crisps etc do...but it all adds up :o( Look at your dress online every day for inspiration or anytime you want junk food. But for this week[color=#FF0040:1s8tm0jf] drink lots and lots of water and green tea[/color:1s8tm0jf] (it really helps) and the diet my trainer gave me last year that helped me drop like 10 pounds in the first week, which will help you for the fitting next week if you stick it out for the 7 days. [color=#FF0000:1s8tm0jf]Rye bread 1 slice (you can get this in lidil) 1 poached/boiled egg - Breakfast Apple/orange or hand full of almonds - mid morning tuna in brine mixed through a salad peppers onions leafy greens, avacado - Lunch Greek Yogart - afternoon snack 1 medium chicken breast lots of veg, broccoli, carrots etc spoon full of goats cheese - Dinner [/color:1s8tm0jf] Next to no carbs, good fats and protein with each meal will do it for you so follow it and you will see a difference. Dont forget to let me know how you get on il be thinking of you :o)ll Good luck with the fitting you will be fine dont panic and NO MORE TAKE OUT :yelrotflmaosmilie:
sarah1979 Posts: 198
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
You can always postpone the fitting? Dot let them determine when your fitting should be? Your not getting married till sept? My first dress fitting was 3 weeks before our wedding? Your under ALOT of stress and as you said it will ruin your expectations if you don't feel right. You will have no problem loosing the pounds before the wedding do don't worry Hun x
OrTees Posts: 907
You shouldn't even have to consider putting up with their attitude- that is terrible. I agree with babydust2012, you should postpone the fitting- it is ridiculous to have a fitting in March for a wedding in Sept. Or, have you considered taking your dress to someone else for alterations? If they aren't included in the price you paid for the dress I would do this, then you never have to deal with them again :wv .
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I hate to see someone so stressed about this kind of thing especially given you have lots of time to lose whatever you want. I would definitely postpone! I'm getting married in 6 weeks and haven't been near my alterations girl :-8 Why would they insist you come in so early!??
princessB2B Posts: 354
is it usual to have dress fitting so far in advance? im 6 months away aswell and my dress has been in since before xmas. they told me i didnt have to do any fittings until about 4 weeks beforehand. i wanted to order a size down as i have about 3 stone to lose but they wouldnt. i was told i might lose weight but my bones wont shrink (I have wide hips >:o( ) and they said most brides say they will lose weight but end up putting it on..and that exactly what i did! But trying it on before xmas knowing I was going up in weight not down gave me the motivation to start losing again! Maybe trying it on again will be the same for you and give you determination to lose that bit you put on since. And you still have 6 months to work on it! thats agggeeesssss! (so i keep telling myself :yelrotflmaosmilie: ) and you have plenty of time for dress fittings!
sarah1979 Posts: 198
Ok so dreaded dress fitting is today!! Thanks for all your kind comments :o)ll I didn't sleep at all with the worry (hopefully I'm being way too sensitive about it and all will be well) I think 6 months is crazy too but cos I bought it as a sale dress this is the only option I have. I'm gonna tell them that I've been really stressed about today and gained weight cos of it and that they can do all alterations that aren't weight related like sleeves, length, train etc and then I'll book somewhere closer to home and closer to the date for sizing....at least I can make a big dress smaller it would be worse if I had lost too much weight with the stress and then they had to sitck in panels on the big day!! Wish me luck :o)ll
Burke2be Posts: 59
How did you get on Sarah1979??
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
[quote="Burke2be":19ze4o3y]How did you get on Sarah1979??[/quote:19ze4o3y] +1 How did it all go Sarah1979? *)