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kmay Posts: 9
Ok my two bridemaids said they would organis the hen which i was happy about but from one thing or another they havent done anything we are ment to go may bank holiday weekend for 2 nite i was told last week its only the saturday now and now i have been told there isnt enough rooms for everyone we r like 4 beds short. what am i goin to do will i just call it off O:|
happybride2012 Posts: 174
Oh that's a pity that they are not more organized. Is there more accomodation nearby where the others can stay? I know it's not ideal but it might be easier than cancelling the whole thing and re-organizing. Maybe ask a couple of friends to help the BMs out. Good luck with it all :thnk
amthee Posts: 688
:action32 I don't know if you are going to a city or town but maybe you could try and find alternative accomodation if you really want to keep everyone together. Easier said than done I know but it might be worth giving a ring around to see. I can see two points of view the bridesmaids may have been unorganised and not said anything to anyone until recently or they may have been chasing after people to see if they are going. I know for one of my friends hens the hotel was very expensive (and given that we were spending two nights in a hotel for her wedding) some of us stayed in a b and b beside the hotel. It may suit some people to stay somewhere else for financial reasons. The important thing is that you get to spend the day / night together. It doesn't really matter if you sleep in different hotels.
kmay Posts: 9
Hopefully got it sorted now got another place which can take us all after a lot of ringin around.