worried about low fluid levels.

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babyonboard Posts: 18
Hi Ladies had a routine scan on Monday last to check to see if baby was breeched, but ended up in hospital for 2 / 3 days as they notice the fluid around babs was low. I got the fright of my life as i am only 34.5 weeks really scared as this is my first baby. I had to get 2 steriod injections in case baby arrived early for there lungs. They asked me if my waters had broke i said no i thought it would be a big gush but now looks like they can also leak out without you knowing. Thankfully when i got scanned again they found a bit more fluid but still low. I am just wondering if anyone else is going through this. I now have to be scanned twice a week to keep an eye on fluid levels. Little did i think that a routine scan on Monday i would end up in hospital???? anyone else going through this??? worried mum to be.. O:o)
CaliMom Posts: 670
babyonboard, I've also been dealing with low fluid levels, but not so bad that they had to keep me in... I imagine you must be feeling scared as technically you're still pre-term but rest assured that even if they need to induce you, the baby will be able to cope just fine... I went into preterm labor at 35 weeks and was so scared (thankfully they were able to stop the contractions with a shot) but looking back now I know it would have been ok if my baby girl had arrived that day =) I'm full-term now so if it goes too low they will just induce me... from what I've heard there can be many reasons for the low levels... in my case it really helped to be on bedrest and to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday... Also, I actually enjoy the fetal monitoring twice a week as I get to see and hear my baby... it makes the weeks go by quicker! Sorry for rambling on, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you've come such a long way and your baby is almost fully ready to live outside your comfy tummy so try not to worry too much (easier said than done!)... drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest!
waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Hi Babyonboard, I'm sorry i have no advise for you - i am going throgh almost the same as you except they think i have too much fluid.... i had my rountine scan on thursday and they are bringing me back on wednesday for another one... I too am worried sick. Hope you get through the next few weeks ok - i'll say a little prayer for you. I naively thought that most of the worry would be over once you got to the 12 week mark - haha, i've never been so wrong :) WP
maybebebe Posts: 168
I'm the same but only 25 weeks!!! I just drink loads of water regularly and it hasn't been to an alarming level again, just low. Just take it easy and don't worry your baby is well developed enough to be strong on the outside :action32