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stardust2011 Posts: 60
Hi there, Just looking for some advice girls. Found out yesterday evening that our venue has had a petition to wind down the company lodged to the high court and I'm freaking out a little. Court case being heard next week. OH tried ringing the venue to see what the story is but manager/owner wasn't there. This was last night. OH was going to ring or head over there this morning, I'll have to wait until my lunchbreak to ring him. I'm upset, but at the same time, I just would like to know what the situation is so that we can start to look at alternative options. Only thing is, we have a bit of time, as not getting married until the end of October. But this was the perfect venue, numbers wise, money wise, everything! I'd been starting to get really excited about everything, and now it might happen that we have to get another venue. I know in the grand scheme of things, its not the worst thing that could happen, but its still crap. We paid our deposit on the credit card so this shouldn't be a worry. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or if ye've been in this situation before? Thanks a mill.
daisy2012 Posts: 619
You appear to doing your best to stay calm until you know more - and thats the best thing you can do for now until you know more about what this means for your wedding. To be honest, you have the right attitude keeping an open mind and being open to other options. I hope the venue gets in touch with you and all other affected couples so you can get on with your planning one way or another. Let us know how it goes....
stardust2011 Posts: 60
Thanks for the reply. OH called to hotel and spoke to manager. It seems the petition was lodged in error by the petitioner, that it was relating to a previous issue that has been resolved and everything. We got written confirmation of this too. We're double checking it tomorrow, but I feel a whole lot better now :) Everything looked good in the hotel, they assured OH that all was ok. Manager said he would keep us informed of everything, and he seemed to be very pi***$ed that this has been lodged incorrectly.