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JQ10 Posts: 41
I'm very worried and would really value some advice. We went for our first scan yesterday and by my dates I should be approx 8 weeks - the consultant is going on holidays and that is why I was brought in quite early. We found our baby and heard the heartbeat but there was concern about the size of it - it only measured approx 6 weeks. We are being brought back next week to make sure it has grown in the last week - should I be worried?? When I asked should we be worried I was told the dates could be a bit off or it's a potential mc. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel sick and don't think next week will come around fast enough and I'm sure this stress isn't helping!! Thanks for reading this.
JQ10 Posts: 41
Sorry me again!! I forgot to say that last week I had a permanent car sickness feeling for a few days and now nothing......think I may be over analysing things!!
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi JQ10, I haven't had any experience of this, but I've seen lots of posters find out that they had their dates wrong, so hopeully that's all it is. Try your best not to worry, wishing you the best :xxs
Lunasa Posts: 140
Hi JQ10. U must be up the walls but ur right - worrying wont do u any good. i know id be the same tho. U might have ur dates out by a wk or so or maybe the baby is just a little on the small side or taking its time. my friend was constantly being told from the start that her baby was too small and it really worried her but she had a 6 pound healthy girl and all was fine. try and think postive over the next wk and take it easy. you'll know what the story is then and u can relax. let me know how u get on next wk. il be thinking of u :lvs
JQ10 Posts: 41
Thanks for your replies Jujubeans & Lunasa. I've heard of another story like your friend Lunasa who went on to have a healthy baby so I'll keep those stories in mind this week. This forum is great - I even felt slightly better after typing the question! So a lot of positive thinking over the next week should hopefully get us over this small bump in our pregnancy journey!! Thanks again :wv :wv
Emme Posts: 4735
Okay I'm going to be the person I hate most here - the person who goes on like they know better than the medic! But 6 weeks was early to hear a heartbeat so maybe do they have the measurements wrong? I was (still am!!) 100% sure of my dates but the scan showed them out by 4 days which is minor compared with some girls here. Internal scan at 6 weeks for me showed no heartbeat, OB wasn't even able to say if there was a baby or not and now look at the state I'm in complete with wobble and hormones! I had the week from hell waiting for the next scan and low and behold there was the little divil. The week will get better as you go along, just try to relax and keep busy. Best of luck!
theoracle Posts: 7664
Please do not worry, they have put my dates 3 weeks back initially on the first scan (this pg), but it was not done by a proper scan person (whatever they are called officially am not sure!) but by doctor on duty/consultant, which are not very skilled with the scanner (believe me, had loads of scans and it really depends on person scanning you), and on the next scan where I was seen by a proper scan expert person dooda in the EPU, they adjusted my dates again (still 2 weeks, but at least I knew she knew what she was talking about! So it isn't uncommon at all. Sending you hugs!
JQ10 Posts: 41
Thanks for replying Emme. I've decided next week isn't too far away, sure the scan came around really quickly, so I'm going to be positive and say a lot of prayers between now and then!! I think I was just so disappointed coming out of the clinic, not how I expected our first visit to go - and although we heard the heartbeat which was great it was totally over shadowed by the reaction of the lady who scanned me. I realy feel like we didn't take in the moment, sounds stupid I know and I'm a bit angry at myself for that too - my emotions are all over the place, my poor DH!!!! I see you don't have too long to go, you must be so excited to meet your little one soon! I hope all goes well and I'll be looking out for news of your new arrival! Thanks again :wv :thnk
JQ10 Posts: 41
Thanks hu101, I'm beginning to relax about it all now, we'll just wait for next week and take it from there. Best of luck with your new arrival very soon! :wv