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Lyn3012 Posts: 3
Hello, a friend of mine just called to say she's pregnant (about 6 weeks) but has been having bad cramping and some light brown discharge. She spoke to the hospital and they said just to rest and keep an eye on it. I'm trying to reassure her that this isn't out of the ordinary - can some others reply and let me know that they've been through the same but the baby is still fine so I can forward her this thread and cheer her up?! Thanks!
kittysue Posts: 1016
The discharge at 6 weeks...kinda sounds like it's an implantation bleed. I had it for about 3-4 days. So it's nothing to worry about it. But if it looks redder as in bleeding and the cramps are sore, she probably should get it checked out.
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hiya, I had quite a bit of cramping at that stage. It seems it the uterus preparing to stretch. I was very worried also at the time, and didn't go anywhere and stayed at home (instead of flying) that w/end. Brown discharge - from what I've heard is ok (it is older blood and nothing immediate is bleeding). But even if bright red or pink, it could be still ok, as my SIL had exactly that at your friend's stage and everything was grand thankfully. Tell her to rest and "try" not to worry (not sure how to that myself... but follow all her real medical advice definitely and big hugs to her & congrats on the pregnancy :thnk
charli Posts: 5994
if it is spotting/staining and is brown it sounds like it is normal - once the blood isnt flowing, or bright red it could be just par for the course if it increases and the cramps get worse she can contact her EPU i believe, but when i had the spotting it only thankfully lasted 2 days